TESLA - The Future

By now, everyone -even those who have nothing to do with the automotive industry- has heard of Tesla and Elon Musk -Steve Jobs’ successor as the new star of the word of technology.And this shows the significance of what Musk and Tesla can do for the future of the automotive industry.

According to Musk, the production of electric and self-driving cars will increase exponentially and we will soon see great changes:

  • In twenty years, steering wheels will be obsolete
  • In ten years, almost all cars will be self-driving
  • In ten years, half of the cars manufactured in the US will be electric


According to Elon Musk, we actually live inside a simulation. Even the thought is scary, isn’t it?

Tesla does not only produce cars but also trucks. Musk presents Tesla Semi as the safest and most comfortable truck. While Tesla’s stock market value has already surpassed that of many well-established automotive companies, the company has not been able to turn a profit yet, it keeps missing its stated goals and Musk actually believes that the company is overvalued. Yet, these adversities apparently do not deter investors, as the value of Tesla keeps increasing by the day. But will Tesla really manage to bring about the electric and self-driving car revolution it has promised?