Import Surveillance System

A communiqué was published in the 19 June 2018 issue of the Official Gazette (no. 30453) regarding the implementation of an import surveillance system. The following statement is from the first paragraph of Article 1 of the related communiqué:

“This communiqué contains the rules and procedures of the surveillance system that will be enforced in the future for the import of goods (only of those with a unit value that is less than the customs value found on the same line) whose customs tariff statistical positions (CTSP) and descriptions are listed below.”

C.T.S.P Goods Description Unit Custom Value (USD/Kg*)
3918. PVC yer kaplamaları 5
3918. Diğerleri 5
* Gross Weight

The first paragraph of Article 2 of the communiqué, the following is stated: “Goods mentioned in Article 1 are imported only with a Surveillance Certificate issued by the Ministry of Economy (General Directorate of Imports). The Surveillance Certificate is required by the customs authorities during the registration of the customs declaration.” In the second paragraph, it is added that: “Surveillance certificate is not required for the import of goods that are imported with an A.TR certificate of circulation and whose country of origin is a European Union member country.”

Please click here for details about the application for Surveillance Certificate and for the complete text of the communiqué.

What is the Surveillance System?

It is a system where a minimum unit price is set regarding the value to be used for tax calculations in order to protect domestic producers and to prevent tax losses caused by imports. Surveillance system kicks in when the value of an item is below the specified unit price.