Please don't deny, we don't buy a product we don't know if it doesn’t get our attention.

Please don’t deny, we don’t buy a product we don’t know if it doesn’t get our attention. The packaging should make itself striking so that the product inside can be sold. Are we wrong? That’s why there are several interesting plastic packaging designs that can inspire you and product owners.

They say don’t judge the book by its cover, but creative packaging has somehow confused all of us. Particularly specially designed packages according to the characteristics of the product or the area of use are even more successful. As renowned graphic designer Paul Rand said, design is the silent representative of a brand. The packaging of a product is an integral and important part of the design of that product. Packaging is not just about sales, but is sometimes the most effective way to convey the message that a product, brand, or social campaign wants to deliver. It is a striking way of communication, especially where the goal is to attract attention and raise awareness.

Plastic washing machine shaped, laundry detergent package. Wash thoroughly after it is finished, maybe your child will play. If you have a cat it can sit in.

A design created for the awareness of children and individuals with autism. The message on it says “Reach out for the children with autism.

The Eternal Oceans aim to promote sustainable capture of fish with stunning and desirable packaging designs. You would certainly prefer to buy such a canned fish.

I’m sure we would compete for these ice creams. Many of today’s children will not be interested after a few minutes but still a nice packaging, plastic ice cream stick combination.

The fruit-shaped jars of jams are definitely worth keeping.

The plastic knife on the top of the disposable plastic butter package, is also the lid of the package.

Green tea bag that looks very refreshing in appearance, as well.

Isn’t that a weird way to sell bread?

Green tea bag that looks very refreshing in appearance, as well.

Again, a bread packaging that we do not understand who the sales target is.

Great-looking plastic packaging of disposable salad dressings.

Such an interesting pasta package can definitely not be overlooked.

In the design of these wooden kitchen utensils, you are told that the products you buy are made by cutting down trees. However, on the packaging, it is written “Designed in Denmark, produced by nature.”

These water bottles have an excellent presentation in many cafes. It is absolutely remarkable with its structure representing the formula of water.

As it is summer, everybody gets a bikini.