Now, they made a road, isn’t it good

Waste plastic is a mine, we call it a gateway to new productions. Although it’s a bit old, it’s actually a good idea. We saw shelters and bricks made of waste plastics. Now, they made a road, isn’t it good? Also the bicycle path.

In Zwolle, the Netherlands, recycled plastics were intended to be built on a bicycle path. According to the City of Zwolle, this project would be the first in the world. The bicycle path project called “PlasticRoad” was completed in September 2018, and by the end of the year, another road in the same area was being built. Their goal is to extend the plastic road in 2019.

The applicability of the technique will be tested on roads about 30 meters long. According to the municipality, the environmental compatibility of the road made of recycled plastic and the tests on transport have yielded enough positive results to be realized. Plastic bicycle roads, which were put into service in the fall of 2018, will be further developed after the testing phase.

The project is being carried out jointly by the construction company KWS and the pipe manufacturer Wavin. The municipality contributes to entrepreneurs with innovative and sustainable ideas to implement their projects. According to the municipality of Zwolle, the project will make significant contributions to both the protection of the environment and the sustainable economy.

In the Dutch town of Krommenie 4 years ago, a bicycle path made of solar panels and was built and it was producing electricity. The “SolaRoad” bicycle paths which produce electric were also implemented in the cities of Haaksbergen and Groningen.

With PlasticRoad we will bring the plastic waste back to the chain so that we can reduce the environmental impact of the building and protect a road. The PlasticRoad concept is fully compatible with environmental initiatives such as Cradle to Cradle (C2C) and The Ocean Cleanup. Plastic from the ocean is recycled and forms into prefabricated road parts that can be assembled in one piece. It is easy to assemble, fast and light. It also reduces the ongoing problems associated with asphalt and asphalt roads. It reduces erosion, weeds, pits, surface floods, surface heating, and noise.

PlasticRoad: Drainage pipes are prefabricated with hollow spaces to reduce wiring and flood effects. It is expected to be 70% faster to install than traditional road surfaces, with a life span of 3 times longer than traditional asphalt roads, and the construction cost is half that of the traditional structure.