We have repeatedly mentioned pollution caused by people in the oceans.

We have repeatedly mentioned pollution caused by people in the oceans. In fact, we have already mentioned another bacteria and fungus eating plastic. Now, a bacterium has been found that not only has plastic to eat, but also turns it into water.

This innovation is a bacterium developed by the students Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang, who have developed this project since school years and received fruit today. After obtaining their patents, they even received $ 400,000 in funding to start developing the product. And these students are only 20 years old. Thanks to this project, they have won five awards so far, becoming the most popular young people to win the Perlman Science Award. All thanks to tiny bacteria that can convert plastic into CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water.

Bacteria are mainly planned to be used in two ways: cleaning beaches and producing raw materials for clothes. Miranda Wang; It’s almost impossible for people to stop using plastic, we needed technology to break up the material, and thanks to bacteria, all the waste is biodegradable.

This technology works in two stages: first the plastic begins to dissolve and the enzymes of the plastic are catalyzed, resulting in a high rate of malleable fractions of the plastic. These components are placed in the bio-digestion station, where they are easily recycled as food residues. It takes around 24 hours for the promising project to finish its work and complete its transformation from plastic to water.