It is one of our priorities to talk about all the fairs we have dated. But this fair is the peak of the others. Welcome to K Trade 2019, which can be described as the biggest fair of the sector, World of Pioneers.

It is one of our priorities to talk about all the fairs we have dated. But this fair is the peak of the others. Welcome to K Trade 2019, which can be described as the biggest fair of the sector, World of Pioneers.

The K 2019 summit, which will take place in Düsseldorf, one of Germany’s top cities, will take place at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center. To meet the current challenges, around 3,200 international exhibitors meet at this fair to show you the latest developments and groundbreaking innovations in the plastics and rubber industry. The current challenges of our age will not only be among the hot topics addressed at the booths of the participants, but will be addressed extensively in the supportive program. Let’s take a look at what the priority issues are in K 2019.


Raw materials, auxiliary materials and materials of the future from the best companies in the industry. Live demonstrations of machinery and equipment, world premieres and complex production units. Semi-finished and prototype products, technical parts and reinforced plastics. First and foremost, climate change brings great advantages to the plastics and rubber industry. A chance to engage in dialogue with international experts from science, research, institutions and service providers.

Events not to be missed!

Plastics shape the future: the special show, the global stages of the industry. In exciting formats, we will discuss how the future can be shaped with plastics.
Science Campus: In the research and teaching forum, universities, colleges and scientific institutions will present their latest research and answer your questions.
Materials and Design: Interviews with leaders in the use of plastics in medical equipment and in automotive, consumer electronics and sports equipment.

Particularly the most important point of the fair will certainly be “Plastic Industry 4.0.”

University Professor. Under the leadership of Christian Hopmann, it will be announced that digital transformation in the sector is the main task of the plastics and rubber industry. The Art of Engineering 4.0 to be more efficient, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the optimal network of artificial intelligence, the transformation of machinery and equipment into perfect production units are just a few of the topics. Approximately 3,200 international exhibitors in K 2019 will present the latest developments and groundbreaking innovations in all trend issues in the plastics and rubber industry.

The science campus seems to be in the forefront of young professionals, in particular.

K 2019 will enable participants and visitors to gain an insight into the scientific activities and findings in the plastics and rubber industry. It will encourage the exchange of experience between companies and universities. Institutes and research facilities will give particular attention to young and PhD students and answer their questions to show potential graduates the potential business opportunities they can choose.

So where to go in Düsseldorf, for those who go before the fair date or stay for a few more days? Where to see?

First of all, you can reserve a room from the hotel when you buy tickets to the fair. The organizers offered such a service with the content of his orchestra, breakfast and many more.

Germany is one of the countries where Turkish travel lovers travel the most. Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt are among the most famous cities in the country. However, the city of Düsseldorf is very popular with its green, high standard of living and shopping opportunities. We have prepared a small travel guide that can help those planning a Düsseldorf tour. Here are the things to do in Dusseldorf:

Benrath Palace

The Benrath Palace in Düsseldorf has a very humble architecture. It looks beautiful with its pink color used on the exterior. It reflects all the features of its era with its Baroque style architecture. There are two museums in the palace where you can visit. One is the Natural History Museum and the other is the European Garden Art Museum. There is a huge garden around the palace. There is also a pond in this garden.


Marktplatz, known as the main square of the city, is among the first places visited by tourists. This square is home to the Jan Wellem Statue. Also, if you are planning your tour in Düsseldorf during the winter months, a great Market is set up during Christmas. Here you can find beautiful souvenirs to shop for Christmas. There are sometimes big festivals and events in the square. So, as you can understand, this is the city’s most vibrant square.

K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, in the Carlstadt district, is a huge museum of art. Here, the works of world famous artists like Picasso are on display. The museum, built in the 1960s, has three different exhibition areas. The entrance fee is a bit expensive but when you go inside you realize that it is worth it.

Fountain of Tritonenbrunnen

The Tritonenbrunnen Fountain in Königsalle, the most vibrant street in the city, welcomes those who come just at the beginning of the lake. The fountain is one of the historical buildings of the city decorated with sculptures. It is also one of the focal points of tourists.

Rhine Tower

If you want to see Düsseldorf with a bird’s-eye view we recommend the Rhine Tower. This place is also known as Rheinturm. You can enjoy panoramic views of the city from the 234-meter tower on the banks of the Rhine. This tall structure is a robust tower from 1979 until today.


Medienhafen is also known as Media Port. Although it used to be an important port area, it has now become a business center. The Rhine Tower is also located here. The region attracts tourists with its buildings with different architecture. There are many cafés and restaurants to eat here. For those who come to this area and ask what to eat in Düsseldorf, we immediately recommend the mustard steak. In fact, not only mustard made, but the steak made with other sauces tasted great. For those looking for an interesting taste, we can recommend pea soup.

Königsallee Street and Carlstadt District for Shopping

Königsallee Street is the best known place to shop in the city. There are shops of famous brands on this street. This street is flooded by tourists almost any time of year. There is also a big shopping center on the street. The Kö Galerie Düsseldorf is home to the world-famous brands. Also, if you get hungry during shopping, there are lots of fast food places in the center. But if you go to Düsseldorf, we recommend you to eat traditional food there. There are also many cafes and restaurants on the street where you can find local dishes.

The city’s Carlstadt district is less active than Königsallee Street. It can even be called peaceful for this place. The area is known for its Baroque architecture and there are many shops where you can shop. There is a vegetable and fruit market called Carlsplatz Market. Do not think about the bazaars established in our country. Because this place is pretty big.