Although they try to defame and discredit plastic products, people are not aware that we need plastic.

Although they try to defame and discredit plastic products, people are not aware that we need plastic. The choice of plastic for a more convenient, light and fast production of a product is not even the case. Just like some of the critical, plastic articles and structures we’ve discussed below.

1. Blades of Large Wind Turbines

While you are traveling, you have seen giant wind roses in the middle of some fields. You know, the power of the wind with the wings of rotating and generating electricity. Wind energy can actually produce very efficient results, if we place plenty of turbines in some arable fields. And these giant wind turbine blades are typically made of plastic and other materials, forming a much stronger forward matrix than each component can be on its own. They must be harder and lighter in order to capture as much energy as possible and generate more.

2. Golf clubs are not made of iron and wood

Genel halk kitlesinin konuya uzak olması haricinde, plastik pek çok noktada hayvanları ve ağaçları koruyor. Golf sopalarına genel olarak “tahta” denmiyor muydu? Öyleydi çünkü vaktinde bu sopalar, yüksek kalite ağaçlardan üretilmekteydi. Daha hafif ve güçlendirilmiş golf sopaları artık piyasayı devralmış durumda. Daha hızlı savurabilir ve topu daha uzaklara gönderebilirsiniz böylece.

3. Your tires are actually plastic

Our tires are not rubber? You may be asking. Yes, it is true and even predominantly synthetic rubber. But rubber is, in essence, plastic. Elastomers, by technical name. The tires produced with this elastic material, which was produced from the rubber plant in the early days, were replaced by synthetic and fabricated rubbers. Its components target traction, fuel economy and longevity. What’s next? And in recent years, we have also produced the kind of plastic that heals and repairs itself, which we mentioned under the basic title of Terminator Plastic.

4. Modern Prostheses

Perhaps the most important point of our writing. Have you ever seen the Paralympic Olympics? You know, athletes with physical disabilities, but no obstacles. Brave athletes compete cutthroat to compete in a world-class competitive environment. Lightweight and flexible prostheses made with plastic composites simulate the function of natural athletes, allowing them to run, jump and compete in a way that was not possible before. We can think of this in greater detail, war veterans, occupational accidents, and more will be able to hold on to life with plastic prostheses.