Plastic is made to withstand the test of time, but unfortunately most plastic parts are used only once. Globally, eight million tons of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans.

Plastic is made to withstand the test of time, but unfortunately most plastic parts are used only once. Globally, eight million tons of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans. However, it is possible to ensure that our plastic wastes do not enter the landfills and nature. For this reason, some foresighted entrepreneurs recycle waste plastics and transform them into long-lasting and usable products.

What are the coolest products made of recycled plastic? Here are some of the brands that sell great products made of recycled and improved plastics.

1 – Reef Cycle Sunglasses

From waste to sustainable fashion. ReefCycle sunglasses collaborate to give a second life to ocean plastics between WWF and VisionDirect. These stylish sunglasses were made using 100% of the gill net, which WWF supporters helped to remove and remove from the northern waters of the Great Barrier Reef..

The first 1000 pairs of ReefCycle sunglasses come with a choice of polarized and non-polarized options, personalized with the marine animal of your choice.


2. Sustainable Activewear

Get ready to work in an environmentally friendly way! The Timbuktu Team is a small Australian company that produces sustainable clothing for active lifestyles, including technical jackets and leggings. Due to their production policies, they use fabrics obtained from recycled water bottles by ethical methods.


3. “Get to the Shopper” Bags

We see an Arnold Shwazzenger in the name of this product, but we also like sustainable fashion. This name, which means Contact the Shopper, is derived from a line in Predator. Made from washable paper of Ahimsa Collective and coated with 100% ecoprene made of plastic bottles after consumption. It also manufactures a range of other bags, cases and handbags from sustainable materials.


4. Recycled Rubber Pots

Milleniums and plant lovers unite! Now you can plant your lush plants in these recycled rubber pots of Upcycle Studio. They were made of recycled tires, intended to be sent to landfills but now found a second life in the home and garden.


5. Ocean Friendly Dog Leashes

Does your dog need a new collar or leash? AniPal was founded by RSPCA Veterinary Steph Stubbe, after treating a number of wild animals that were damaged by pollution caused by humans. Dog accessories are made of recycled ocean plastics and environmental waste.


6. Mats and Rugs Made of Recycled Materials

Need a new carpet, childcare mat, camping mat or picnic rug? Recycled Mats has a fantastic range to choose from. Its products were originally designed by local artists and made from recycled polypropylene.


7. Natural and Recycled Shoes

If you need a new pair of sneakers, but you want something natural, Allbirds has great options. The shoes, which claim to be the most comfortable shoes in the world and claim to move away from synthetic materials, are made of sustainable wool, recycled plastic bottles and cardboard.

A recycled plastic bottle is equal to a pair of laces and uses 60% less energy and greenhouse gas emissions during the production process. Therefore, your carbon footprint is lower. Even large firms are starting to produce recycled shoes, but it is not possible for new entrepreneurs not to come out.


8. Yoga mats made from recycled diving suits

Suga was able to turn recycled diving suits into comfortable yoga mats. So far, they have recycled approximately 27,000 diver’s suits and continue to do so.


9. Eco Friendly Jenga

The overthrown board tower game, which many of us love, now comes as an environmentally friendly option. Jenga Ocean is produced from 100% recycled fishing nets. And each set is made of 25 square meters net. For a simple game, you will no longer need to cut trees and use wood tahta


10. Recycled Plastic Swimsuits

Take your dose of sun, sea and sand while wearing Batoko’s comfortable swimsuits. To date, Batoko has transformed more than 220,000 plastic bottle waste into swimsuits. The designs are colorful, fun and great for wildlife lovers. The prints are made up of many different sea creatures.


11. Ghost Socks

Swedish Socks manufactures sustainable socks shipped worldwide. Premium tights of the hand are knitted in ECONYL, 20 denies, a 100% regenerated yarn made from nets lost, abandoned and discarded at sea.


12. Eco-Friendly Blankets

The pleasure of warming up in a sustainable manner with environmentally friendly blankets of Seljak Brand in Tasmania. Blankets are produced with a blend of 70% recycled, Australian merino wool and 30% recycled alpaca, mohair and polyester. Since 2016, they have ensured that more than 2,200 kg of textile waste is not wasted in the dump.


13. Recyclable Plastic Waste Classification Boxes

EcoBins’ waste class-free trash cans will help you move in. Or you can sort your waste by soft plastics, mixed recycling, paper, cardboard and organic waste at home or in the office. The best part is that these boxes are completely recyclable. Therefore, you can place it in your recycling bin at the end of its life.


14. Recycled Plastic Building Materials and Outdoor Furniture

Replas is an Australian plastic recycling company that converts a mixture of plastic and household waste into a wide range of products used throughout the country. So if you’re looking for outdoor furniture, new flooring, fences, signboards or any kind of construction and construction material made of recycled plastic, Replas should be your destination.


15. Backpacks  Made of Recycled Bottles

Onya Backpack is a practical bag made of rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate), which you get when you recycle old plastic water bottles into fibers. Each backpack is made of 10 plastic bottles and has 16 colors to choose from.


16. Surfboard Wings Made from Recycled Wastes

Although there are not many buyers in our country, surfing is common in some countries. Australian Five Oceans has produced ecoFin, the world’s first surfboard wing made from Indonesia’s recycled post-consumer waste. Approximately 100 plastic bottle caps are turned into an ecoFin and waste is collected from the Bali coast in the supply chain.

17. Reusable and Recycled Cups for Events

Are you hosting a big party or event? Globelet allows you to rent or buy reusable glasses and bottles for stadiums, offices and other places. When the event is over, they can be washed and reused. In the last 8 years, more than 21 million disposable plastics have been prevented from entering the soil and from the oceans around Australia and New Zealand.



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