If you are in the sports world or are following, you will notice that many tools are actually made of plastic.

If you are in the sports world or are following, you will notice that many tools are actually made of plastic. Even though they may seem like small details, plastic shows how important and indispensable production raw material it is.

Whatever Your Sport Is, You Use Plastic Fiber

Next time, if you’re at the sporting goods store, check the labels on shirts, shorts, leggings and other sportswear. Nylon, polyester, acrylic, lycra, spandex, all plastic fibers that make up today’s modern flexible, comfortable, sweat-absorbing fabrics are used extensively in this sector. Especially swimmers and surfers seem to have no alternative.

The floor where the gymnasts roll over

Have you ever thought about which material the floor was made in these gymnastics Olympics? In general, the base layer consists of bonds of fiberglass-reinforced plastic multiple panels (fiberglass), which also have a spring feature. These panels are filled with layers of plastic foam and then coated with carpets made of plastic fibers. The component is specifically designed to help gymnasts gain height while softening the impact of their descents.

Surfboards made of plastic?

The original heavy wooden surfboards have been replaced by lightweight plastics (typically a combination of plastic foam / composites) that are easier to float, steer, move. Old boards are no longer preferred because they are more difficult to recycle or reuse.


Were Snorkel and Swim Glasses Made of Glass?

Whether you are riding a motorcycle, skiing or swimming, glass lenses with high breaking potential are extra unsafe to use in such situations. For this reason, most sports safety goggles are made of hard, break-resistant plastics such as polycarbonate. You can even get it with numbered lenses, camouflage patterns for hunting and lots of different designs.


Professional Racing Bikes

Although it looks a bit ugly, professional racers use bicycles made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics that combine substantially low weight, high speed, durability and reliability. And the performance bikes in the sports shops began to be produced from this material, from tires to gears and handlebars.


Do you think pole used in pole vaulting could be produced from another substance ?

If you think those sticks are made of bamboo or something, don’t think anymore. Until the 1950s, these poles made of bamboo were replaced by plastic, fiberglass and then carbon fiber. Those used today are literally more powerful than ever, lighter, more flexible, and help to reach higher heights.