When shopping for household goods, we always think a lot as a consumer.

When shopping for household goods, we always think a lot as a consumer. We love creativity in materials and do not always want to buy heavy ceramics or expensive products. With every purchase, we pursue long-lasting, reusable, or at least recyclable ones. With the new wave of recycled plastic products that appeal to design lovers, we have found that we can reduce our carbon footprint and be good at filling our home with good materials. While still ignoring the glamorous design concepts and simple solutions in solving household goods problems, many people who have kept the plastic away from garbage areas have gained consciousness.

Plastic Glasses

The taste of the small party you have given in the garden should not be divided by glass shards. In this case, plastic cups, outdoors for the celebration, party and more will be an appropriate option. Stackable, crystal clear, fracture resistant and reusable. They are made of recycled plastic and have some drink glasses. In this way, even if you find a way to break, not trash, just throw it into the recycling bin.

Recyclable Decorations for Your Home

Conscious decorators can fill a room, taking into account alternative materials, such as premium plastic carpets, specially manufactured and recycled for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to giving polypropylene products a second life, these carpets have properties that traditional materials do not use. Mold-resistant, recyclable and UV-resistant. Although they are easy to clean, easy to maintain and give a soft feel to the structures, this makes them strong and durable.

Perfect for Gardening

If you have a garden house, your child can enjoy their own garden work outdoors with this three-piece nature kit. The kit comes with a rake, shovel and watering can made in 100% recycled plastic in the USA. Fully durable, dishwasher safe and resistant to all types of wear and tear.

Dinner Set?

Some of the more interesting designs we see on the tableware set often include new materials. This plastic dinner set is made of a high quality melamine. It consists of 40% recycled post-industrial material and is dishwasher safe. It’s like a golden age of innovation with its designs. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, placed in eco-modern spill-resistant placatats. However, with its soft textures and contemporary design elements, you cannot tell the difference between other tableware.