Sometimes it is very advantageous to be creative. And if you have a good guide with you, you're even luckier.

Sometimes it is very advantageous to be creative. And if you have a good guide with you, you’re even luckier. In this article you will learn about a teacher. That teacher’s students will come to great places. I wish everyone to be such a teacher.

Teachers and students of a village school in Van, collected 100 thousand plastic water bottles.They then filled the bottles with sand and built walls for the school. The students’ project brought them awards. Van Erciş, Derekent Village Primary School teachers and students rolled up their sleeves to support the Zero Waste Project. The team that collects 100 thousand plastic bottles, 10 thousand bottles filled with sand filled the walls. 90 thousand bottles were recycled.

The project was deemed worthy of the jury’s special award at the 2nd International Zero Waste Summit held in Haliç Congress Center on 1 November. The students received their awards from Emine Erdoğan, the wife of the President of the Zero Waste Project.

They want to expand the project

Yusuf Aktaş, one of the teachers of the school, said that they added about 50 thousand students to the Project from Erçiş. We tried to create this awareness. We were really happy that our achievements and efforts ended in this way.

Village School Students were the Most Pleased.

İremsu Yiğit, one of the students: In this way, we have seen the wife of our President and I am very happy for that. The teachers who supported the Zero Waste Project now want to expand this meaningful project further.

Doesn’t even this much show that they should get a better school, better facilities?

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