Although plastic is suitable for recycling, most people do not even bother to recycle.

Although plastic is suitable for recycling, most people do not even bother to recycle. Although alternative ways to solve the problem of plastic waste are constantly being explored, people throw nature and normal trash cans rather than recycling containers.

However, at least in the last 10 years, organic plastics are beginning to rise.

We are talking about species that can disappear in very short periods of time, even if they remain in nature, do not contain toxic substances and are much less costly to recycle.

In 2017, Ari Jonsson, a product design student, introduced a new biodegradable bottle design that should have been a game changer at some festivals.

The water bottle he showed was made of red algae powder. Jonsson began to think and develop this idea after reading the news about plastic waste that people unconsciously discarded.

Therefore, he began to examine the strengths and weaknesses of various substances and he decided that making algae plastic was the solution.

Technically, it’s very simple to do. Add water, heat, pour into a mold and cool. In fact, it is actually such a simple event.

In Jonsson’s idea, the bottle begins to lose shape and break up after being emptied. Really, it’s better that it doesn’t exist right now.

Jonsson is so ambitious in his invention that he says if you want, you can even eat the bottle after drinking water. Thanks to his excellent invention, even if people throw the bottles into the nature, they will disappear without leaving any trace on the earth and the ocean. Maybe over time, things like that start to be used around the world.

But no matter what happens, we all have to act carefully without forgetting the recycling. Tell your environment, your children. Tell them to make a habit of it.