We're sure many of you are surprised to see the title.

We’re sure many of you are surprised to see the title. I seem to hear what you’re saying. While the invention and usage of plastic was not so wide, people brought and decorated real and rootless pine trees to their homes and gardens.

We confuse Christmas, which is basically not our tradition, with New Year celebrations. However, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, 6 days before the New Year and is a religious holiday. As the histories are so close, the two traditions of course are connected with time and share some of their visuals and traditions. But don’t we all celebrate the New Year at least for the last 30 years? Don’t we get a little tree and decorate it?

Assyrians regard trees as sacred. Evergreen trees like pines, cypresses, which remain constantly green in summer and winter, count as a symbol of fertility and immortality. For this reason, they adorned these trees and exhibited their beliefs.

Let’s go back to the essence of the subject and see what pine trees do. Then back to our topic:
Pine trees are one of the most extensive tree species that have spread all over the world and have grown in almost all countries. There are more than 100 species in the world. 5 of them have found wide spread area in our country. In our country, there is some information that it constitutes almost 3/5 of the total wooded areas. These 5 pine tree species which are grown in our country and located in large areas are Larch, pine, scotch, Persian pine and Aleppo pine.

Pine trees are very durable trees and at the same time show the ability to grow in almost all soils. It is one of the coniferous tree species and it is one of the evergreen trees of summer and winter. It is one of the long-lived tree species and it is known that some species live up to 1000 years if they find suitable environments. Some species have a life span of 100-200 years.

Because it is a drought-resistant tree species, saplings are planted and grown in many places in our country. The most important feature of the pine tree is cones. Especially cones are used for ornaments and collected in many places as firewood. These cones are also the seeds of the pine tree. Pine cones are found in two types as male cones and female cones, and the cones mentioned above are female cones. Female cones are large and tree-like.

Pine tree resin is one of the tree species used and especially “pine gum” is obtained from pine trees. Like many tree species, it has some health benefits. It is known to be particularly good for asthma and cough. It is also used to make certain perfumes. We have even heard the name of pine fragrance. Because pine is among the trees that smell good.

Since it shows a wide spread area in our country, it is a kind of tree that forms an important part of timber production. It is useful to give the following important information about the pine tree. Pine trees absorb most of the dust, especially in cities. It has an important place in terms of environmental pollution prevention and human health. In many sources, it is stated that a 1 hectare pine area absorbs 30-40 tons of dust in 1 year. (The amount of dust sucked by 1 hectare of beech forest in 1 year is recorded as 68 tons). It also produces oxygen at the same rate.)

Almost all of the small trees used in New Year’s Eve are pine trees. It is a type of pine tree known as Christmas pine.

This is exactly how useful a tree, we cut for centuries, in vain we killed. And if the plastics industry had not developed at all, it would have been like this. This is exactly why, if you can go and buy a plastic Christmas tree for 15-35-65 pounds, if you can bring color to your house, it’s all thanks to the plastics industry.

Because to buy a real pine tree starts from fees like 1000 liras. Everything that’s right and used in your decision can take us forward. As long as we’re conscious. Happy New Year.