China Accelerates Turkish Leg of “One Belt, One Road”

China, in a trade war with the United States, in order to win this war, “One Belt, One Road” transport network projects located in the central corridor of Turkey, economic and political cooperation in the auction ends.

In order to win the trade war, China will invest more in Turkey, which will work to further strengthen its ties with the country where the project now, China attaches great importance to the project. Be aware of Turkey’s largest. China’s People’s Republic, the historic ‘Silk Road’ project by revamping the target Turkey will play an important role in the transport network project with ten trillion dollars of investment in five years, ‘One Belt, One Road’ work carried out under imaged in China. Chinese authorities because Turkey is one of the most important doors will be opened to European giant projects within the growing interest in our economy; it has invested calls for the two countries’ business people.

They Accelerate Seeking New Business Association in Turkey

China has accelerated its investment in the project has passed to countries such as Turkey. Chinese Energy Company over recent years in Turkey, in the finance and infrastructure work has also increased the quest for new collaborations. In addition, China is also encouraging the countries of the project for the touristic activities of its people. The cities that will integrate China into the world from the land and sea, such as Xian, Quanzhou, big logistic centers, free trade zones, huge cargo airports and many skyscrapers are being built.

Establishing New Cities

While establishing new cities, all purpose is to establish an infrastructure and moving system suitable for the project. The construction phase is finished and the operation is completed. In addition to traditional houses, the project has a billion dollars worth of work on the route. Chinese officials now project that the importance given to Turkey, tells a map showing the project. The project emphasizes that Turkey and China closer. It was purchased by Cosco, CMHI and CIC joint venture group in one of the biggest state-owned enterprises in China in 2015 at Kumport sea port, located in Avcilar district of Istanbul.

Turkey is Located on a Crucial Point on the Project

The transport network project ’One Belt, One Road’ was announced in 2013 by the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping. Thanks to the huge iron and maritime transport network that will affect $10 billion, three billion people and 65 countries, goods will be able to reach China, Asia, Europe and Africa in a much shorter time. The project poses no significant place in the central corridor in Turkey. China will connect Beijing and London via Turkey. It will be integrated with Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, and with Edirne-Kars high-speed train projects, China will carry its goods to Europe in a shorter time. Goods transport time between China and Turkey, according to information provided by the Chinese authorities, a month thanks to railways, will fall to ten days. The most extreme point of Europe, goods from China can be moved in 18 days. In addition to this, China ‘Sea Silk Road Project’ with, the goods will be transported by ship to ports in Turkey. For this, China’s “Sea Silk Road Project” will be used as the starting point, Quanzhou.


Jinhe stating that they wish to establish win-win relations with Turkey, he has invited Turkish investors to the country. The central district of Mersin Mediterranean Municipality, Wen Jinhui voicing the fellow city in China, I came to Turkey in 2012. Our peoples look alike. Both locals were also very welcoming and warm-blooded. I want to call on Turkish business people and investors. Win-win, we want to make a relationship and the lack of goods in China, we can import from Turkey will be very good. We will have mutual exchanges for our shortcomings.

The project, which will shape the next 50 years, has a $10 trillion investment and more than 3 billion inhabitants. The project, which includes 65 countries, will link the most eastern part of Asia with the European shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

There Are 65 Countries in the Project

The global economy and even politics will change the future of a toe Belt Way Project, Turkey into the structure of the area, will shape the next 50 years. The project, which has a 10 trillion-dollar investment and a population of more than 3 billion people, includes 65 countries. The project, which will link the eastern shores of Asia and the European shores of the Atlantic, will strengthen the global economy.

One Belt One Road-OBOR project, which was announced in 2013 by the Chinese President Shi Cinping, who compiled the most important lines of an “OBOR”, is a 3 billion population in a unique market. An investment project that concerns. The project aims to establish a transport infrastructure, trade and investment link between the key economies in the Asia-Europe line. The project, which reached a global coverage in later times, has two major international trade routes from land and sea; The Silk Road which forms the part of the belt and the Silk Road which form the road section.

What is Belt?

By the term of “Belt”, means a whole range of road transport networks, consisting of road, rail, oil and gas pipelines and other infrastructure projects, starting in Central China and extending from Moscow to Rotterdam via Venice. In the scope of the project, instead of a single route, corridors consisting of land bridges are planned in the direction of Asia-Europe.

The planned routes are:

China-Central and West Asia
China-Hindi Tile Peninsula
China- Bangladesh- India- Myanmar
Turkey, in this hall, called Central Corridor is located on the China-Central and West Asia corridor. Turkey is one of the major partners of the project.

What is Road?

The road concept corresponds to the project’s maritime network. Within the scope of the project, ports and other coastal structures are planned in the sea region from south and south east Asia to the north of East Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

The land and sea routes within the scope of the project allow crossing of Asia, Europe and Africa continents and enabling the interconnection of the Chinese economy and the developed European economy. The initiative will also contribute to China’s ability to become a central player in the solution of global problems through multilateral cooperation with other countries. In Chinese ‘I dai, I lu‘ will shape the next 50 years in terms of China’s increasing role in world politics and economy.

In 2001, the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, led by China, allowed China, already a major force, to establish a system of cooperation and solidarity close to an alliance system. In 2013, the Silk Road Fund and the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) were added to the Asia-Pacific by a Silk Road Fund, which was announced during the visits of the Chinese President Shi Cinping to Kazakhstan and Indonesia during the Kazakhstan and Indonesian visits. A large economic front was opened against the Atlantic system pioneered by the United States.

Location of Turkey

Middle corridor, where Turkey located is carrying date for the revival of the Silk Road. The total amount of investments in the Central Corridor is expected to reach 8 trillion dollars. It is stated that only 40 billion dollars will be allocated for the transportation infrastructure. In the first stage of a $40 billion budget with the agreement signed between the two countries it was foreseen for Turkey’s integration projects. The amount planned to be spent every year for investments is $750 million. Turkey, one of the alternative corridor project with geopolitical location for the OBOR is located on the Central Corridor. OBOR Located at a key point on the route Turkey, the strong geopolitical location, strong production and high potential of the Black Sea stands out as being an important transshipment country with rule of transportation. With mega projects such as Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridges, 18 March Çanakkale Bridge and Eurasia Tunnel, China’s “One Belt, One Road” project is an important link that will provide important logistics and transportation opportunities. China-Turkey trade cooperation projects except also showing steady growth. In 2016, the volume of imports and exports between the two countries increased by 1.9 percent to $27 billion 760 million. China, Turkey’s 19th largest export market and the largest import country.

Project Financing

The economic scale of OBOR, which is a project of global economic cooperation, which covers especially the underdeveloped, and developing countries and aims at maximum economic benefit, is expressed in trillions. China is expected to find $100 billion in overseas spending over the next decade and announced that it has allocated $10 trillion in government funding for the project. President Cinping stated that public companies and financial institutions will be encouraged to invest in infrastructure and construction projects outside the country. AIIB will have an important credit mechanism function by financing the infrastructure projects on the project route. It is stated that the budget allocated by China may exceed 10 trillion dollars in the long term. AIIB is also allocating $100 billion for the project. In the financing of the bank, China will have a share of one third to half. The total national income of 65 countries is 25 trillion dollars. By 2049, OBOR member 65 countries are planning to invest $4 trillion in infrastructure. A budget of 230 billion dollars spent by the year 2015, when OBOR was announced, and 1500 common projects, is held in partnership with the host countries. Railway transportation between China and France is possible with the logistics line within the scope of the project. Transportation time, which is 40 days by sea, is very low with new railway line. A train departs from Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province, and arrives in Lyon in 16 days.

Turkey and Istanbul are Very Important For Us

The railway project, which is the most important pillar of the project, starts in Xian, one of the oldest cities in the country. China-Germany railway project manager Gao Tian tells us that Istanbul is an important center for the “Silk Road Project”. Tian said that the railroad went to Europe from its cities and that Istanbul was very valuable for this route; Istanbul is a very important city, because it is at a critical point in this project, we want to establish cooperation with Turkey. This project will be an important south line. This line will arrive in Baku through Kazakhstan and then reach out to Europe via Istanbul. The longest road from Xian is the railway to Germany and it takes 16-18 days. Every day, there will be 4-5 trainers going to Europe and Central Asia. There will be 41 containers in a train; each container will be loaded with 23 tons. In the Silk Road Project, we will send the goods to Europe by road and rail outside the sea. The railway will pass through Istanbul and reach the transfer point in Poland.

Important Amount is Coming Back to Turkey

Istanbul Aydin University, head of the department of economics and finance Dr. Sedat Aybar, stressed that the project was important to return to Turkey and added: ‘Atlantic with this project, which will bring together passive. Turkey and their integrated state railways will be involved in this project which will be carried out with modern ports and air transport, will make an important contribution to the project. Turkey is an important partner.

This project also envisages the transportation systems to connect with each other by speed railways provinces in Turkey. Significant return to our countries need to focus on the projects related to Turkey’s development will provide.

Investment in Turkey Will Increase Further

US in trade battle with China, Turkey has a strategic importance for China is said Professor Dr. Sedat Aybar, ası The Chinese trade war, without much damage, in order to get out of the wound in other areas in a number of initiatives is aware of the need to do. to begin coming years, the new ‘Silk Road Project’ with Turkey in connection with direct investments, will become much more stringent. Turkey is located in the midst of geopolitical and geo-economic formation. At the same time, taking part in the western camp is a very important dimension for China. Turkey, which in the Western camp, contribution to the People’s Republic of China is very important,” he said.

Countries with Great Potential for Economic Development

The Chinese state summed up the project as follows: The Belt and Road Project is a lucrative method of cooperation for all who support a development that leads to common development, prosperity, and peace and friendship by enhancing mutual understanding and trust, strengthening all kinds of sharing. The Belt and Road extends across the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, and at one end connects the vibrant East Asian economic environment to the advanced Avcrıpa economy on the other plane and includes countries with enormous potential for economic development. The Silk Road Economic Zone brings together China, Central Asia, Russia and (Baltic) Europe; To connect China to the Persian Gulf and the, Mediterranean throughout Central Asia and Western Asia; and China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Hinta Ocean. 21st Century, the main routes of the Silk Road; A route to the South China Sea through the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea, through the South China Sea as the European and other routes, is the South Pacific form of the Chinese coast. Collaborative way to build a new Eurasian Land Bridge and focus on developing China- Mongolia-Russia, China-Central Asia-West Asia and China-Indochina Peninsula, the economy corridors. At sea, it will focus on building the seamless, safe and efficient transport routes jointly connecting the largest ports on the Belt and Road. The Chinese-Pakistani Economic Corridor and the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor are closely related to the Belt and Road Project, and this requires closer cooperation and greater progress.

Most Comprehensive Summit

China, the world’s second largest economy, is changing the economic growth model. Outside demand for Chinese goods has declined, and domestic costs have increased, as costs are rising inside. In this process, economic growth fell from 11 percent to 6 percent. With the project, China aims to support the economic transformation process within itself. The project should not be looked at only economically. The project will strengthen human and cultural ties between countries. Turkey, an important pillar of the project due to the geopolitical situation. We are a bridge between Asia and Europe. With railway networks, this position will be stronger. The summit is the most comprehensive summit ever made within the scope of the project. With such a large participation and joint project, the summit is of great importance for joint decisions. Turkey’s President Erdogan important to show the highest level of participation. (*Sabanci University Istanbul Policy Center)

In addition, detailed and up-to-date data and information will be provided from the points received by IKMIB between 5-10 November 2019 at the China International Import Expo 2019 Fair.