Only we can change the world. If we care about our environment a bit more, we can come up with great ideas and we can leave a cleaner world to next generations.

Even if not all people, some can develop recycling methods with new ideas and keep the environment clean. Every year, month, day, our technology is developing and goes forward. We can take some strength from it and solve some problems. We now present you one of those technologies.

Making bricks from Plastics.”

Scientists state that we are on a critical level in global warming. Humanity is the biggest reason for climate change. Polar bears are one species that we destroy their habitats and starve them to death. And apart from this, we continue to pollute the world and corrupt the ecological system. Every year, 300 million of plastic waste is formed. But only 8 percent of it can be recycled. But the worst thing is, every year, 12 million tons of plastic is polluting the oceans.

And here is the point. These plastics aren’t spreading themselves. We spread them. This is why it’s our job to clean them.

USA based company; ByFusion has pressed the button to develop the process. Engineer Peter Lewis developed an idea called RePlast. This project aims to gather wastes from oceans and recycle them to structure materials. With this technology, plastic wastes compressed with an innovative technique and colorful and durable structure materials are made.

While these bricks are made, no chemical is used. It’s completely environmental. The idea seems so basic, but the machine that used in compression can be minimized and can be fitted into a container. Till now, there were various projects developed with the wastes that gathered. The company’s future plans are even bigger.

Maybe we can’t construct building with these bricks but at least we can build prefabricated structures that present art and socializing. We can make small constructs for stray animals. We hope that this method will spread more and more.