With industrialization, the works on plastic materials increases more and more and thousands of different and efficient products were made. Plastics became so important in everywhere, we need them in every part in our lives. With increasing population, people’s demands and standards became higher and therefore, apart from natural sources, people start to search for native raw materials. Plastic and plastic products are easier to produce than other products and it costs cheaper. Therefore, it’s preferred more than others.

Every material has is benefits and harms. Environment and nature sensitive behavior is a must for protecting the ecological balance. But when deciding what to do, scientific researches must not be ignored. Also, the correct use of product and knowing how to dispose that according to its waste properties is much more important when it comes to economic reasons. Of course, the person who uses correctly and wastes in the right way must be informed. While being used, it has to be efficient and while begin thrown away, one has to know that if it’s recyclable or not.

These Wastes Must Be Taken To Waste Recycle Centers.

The most annoying thing which is nylon bags are taken to the waste management facilities. But the plastic bags are thrown out to environment because of ignorance. These wastes must be taken to waste management facilities and for that, people need to be informed. This can be only done by gathering the powers of government, universities and civil institutions.

Recently released disposable bags are not dissolving completely and a material that has an economic value is wandering around us as little pieces. We need to acknowledge that and treat our earth carefully. While we’re learning, we need to teach to the people around us and encourage them to be cautious.

Because of its stick resistant surface, teflon becomes the crucial thing in out kitchens. Sofas contain polyurethane mats. Top cover them, we can use fake leather, which contains polyvinyl chloride. Rooms got heated more with acrylic carpets. In the windows, PVC helps with heat and sound insulation. Curtains that are made from polyester are giving the room its beauty. In the cables, plastic is also used for the insulation.

In the shoes, their bottom is made of fake rubber. The shopping bags are made from polyethylene that produced from oil. Because it’s transparent, durable and odorless, Tetra Pak is used for containing beverages. Boxing of electronic items, keeping the heat of foods and insulation of buildings is all possible because of polystyrene.

Many sport branches are developed and become popular because of polymers. For example, mountaineering and skiing has more advantage than before. Because, plastic helps the equipment to be lighter and more ergonomic. Different kinds and waxes are spread on the bottom of boards to decrease the friction. The equipment that is used in mountaineering is more durable to sun and different weather conditions because of its material, which is nylon or equivalent. And for the most favorite thing for children, which is bicycle, polymers started to replace metals. Bicycles become more durable and more powerful. And helmets are more powerful and lighter, thanks to polymers.

Mountaineering equipments are made from plastic. Palustrine is used in heat insulation. Different cups are made from plastics. The windows of the plane’s cockpit is made from plesk glaston. In the cables, plastic is used for its least conductivity.