Big Recycle Project at Beijing

We now can buy water from vending machines in 0.5 lt bottles at metro stations. But what if we recycle these bottles immediately and travel for free?

In the cities that has fast growth in population, the consumption becomes more and more. In a world that based on consumption, recycling becomes more important. Because of this, there are lots of recycling systems, and many more are yet to come.

China produce products from recycling of wastes. It’s the most important raw material for China’s production line. Every year, we export tons of waste to China, and they process them and sell us back. This loop is continuous. But it’s not only counts for us. China buys wastes from all countries that grow unstable and they make toys, souvenirs and like the notorious fidget spinner, to sell back to us. And it makes most of the sales by producing wrapping papers and selling them to America.

But even with all these, because the population and consumption are really high, more raw material is need for production. This leads China to put vending machines that gives metro ticket for one plastic bottle. In Beijing, machines which give tokens in return of plastic bottles were put to metro stations. After people started to use these machines a lot, they also put them in the other stations.

Beijing metro system, with 18 lines and 334 stations, is one of the biggest metro systems in the world. The total length of the lines is more than 550 km. They are planning to reach 1000 km in 2020. Metro carries more than 7 million passengers in a day.

In our country, this system is planning to be used, lots of mayors in Turkey constantly discuss this topic. But there hasn’t been any development yet. A recycling system that gives back return instantly to the consumer, which is under development, is giving hope to us. It would be so nice to lead people to recycle with these systems. We are sure that a lot of people would pollute environment. We hope that it will speed up and spread in our country as soon as possible.