The law that states plastic bags to be sold at supermarkets is in process since January first 2019. It has nothing to do with “protecting the nature”. We need to take our responsibility for protecting the environment as individuals. In our country, recycling systems are developing day by day. Thus, wastes aren’t spreading around themselves. Let’s take a look the small things that everyone can do to help.
Since January, plastic bags at supermarkets started to be sold. As sectors scapegoat, plastic usage is still ongoing and this way is not enough to prevent it. People need to be informed first.
We all are polluting the world unconsciously. We are the guilty ones, the humans. Plastic has 1000 year dispose time and can be recycled. Most of the people don’t know and the ones who know don’t tell the others, but there’s a plastic that called bio disposable plastic, which disappear in 6 months. Researches have shown that, Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of plastic usage and most of the pollution in the Mediterranean Sea is caused by Turkey. All these findings shows that we need to inform the people. With this step, the usage of plastic bag will be decreased, but these wastes aren’t only plastic, only this precaution won’t be enough.

And What Should We Do As Responsible Individuals

Experts suggest that we need to change our consume regime. It’ll be the most important step. Apart from this, we need to stop buying single use products. But nobody talks about recycling. One individual’s plastic consumption is really high in Turkey. The worst part is in our seas. Every year, hundreds of sea creatures mistakenly eats wastes and die. Everybody needs to support recycling. But at the same time, because of our recycling facilities don’t have enough sources; government needs to do something about it.

The authorities suggest alternatives like paper bags, net bags and so on. But other than individuals, institutions are also having responsibilities. Not too many of these products are around, and even on the contrary, too many trees are cut down. People, will still be ignorant, so there will be no recycling of paper too.

Protecting the environment is something that we all have to do together. The size of the pollution is damaging the earth for a long time and we all are responsible for this. Unfortunately, with all the ignorance that we made, again, we all suffer from it. And believe it; the companies are also not happy for that. Because, the raw materials that they’ll have with recycling are disappearing, which damages them both materialistic and spiritualistic.