Another innovation from Ozge Plastic who is the leader of the plastic packaging sector for 30 years! Ongoing R&D of Ozge Plastic has resulted with a future packaging which is been now offered to you, its esteemed customers.

Our lifestyle is accelerates day by day, bear to witness of the development of take-away food packages; it’s been an increasing request to have a suitable plastic packaging for the conventional ovens.


As Ozge Plastic, we are manufacturing plastic containers that are suitable for hot filling and also for microwave usage. As our mission of “being the Pioneer of plastic sector” principle and requests from our customers, we are now presenting this new plastic container technology to the world: CPET – a plastic food container for conventional ovens.

Our new CPET product is easy to use for it’s customers with it’s resistance from the -40 Celsius of cold to +220 Celsius hot. Customers can heat up their meal, they even can cook them in the oven. Our CPET product serves a relaxed meal for it’s customers as a disposable packaging, with the aesthetic design of Ozge Plastic the meals actually turns into a feast.