Internationally acclaimed photographer known for her photographs depicting the plastic waste in the oceans, Mandy Barker collaborates with scientists in a bid to raise awareness for the human-induced plastic debris surrounding the globe and to underline its impact on marine life.

In fact, it is quite easy to collect the plastic waste in world’s seas and oceans. Especially compared to other sorts of materials. Plastic is lighter; therefore, it floats and can be collected easily. How about glass or metal waste though? As one dives deeper in the ocean, the real threat reveals itself.

Aiming to document how the plastic pollution in our seas and oceans resembles a deadly pandemic threatening the whole globe, UK-based photographer Mandy Barker uses Photoshop to manipulate the plastic waste so as to mimic the way pieces of plastic are suspended in the ocean.

In her photographs, Mandy Barker prefers using pieces of plastic waste that marine animals tried to chew or bite into, with which she creates fascinating and eye-catching images. The artist states that her work aims to juxtapose plastic waste and aesthetics of photography so as to induce an emotional reaction in the audience and to stimulate them with a message of awareness that is purely symbolic. She hopes that her photographs will have a positive impact in tackling the ever-growing environmental issue that is marine pollution.

There is no way of knowing how much Mandy Barker’s artworks are going to be appreciated in the arts community, where modern and contemporary art is highly valued, and collectors often compete against one another in art auctions.

There is no doubt, however, that she is going to continue working in order to raise awareness. It is clear as day that plastics did not find their way into our oceans on their own and that plastic pollution is human induced. We must never forget that recycling is one of our most crucial responsibilities when it comes to protecting not just our oceans but nature as a whole so as to ensure a bright future for the generations to come, which requires an approach that is based on sustainability and raising awareness.