Most people spend their time inside in the winter. With annoying business meetings, dizzying traffic of city life, negative impact of adverse weather conditions; they wait for the summer and holiday with a great longing. In the spring, holiday destinations can be booked, sunscreen orders are given and afterwards, a holiday time is expected. In short; Even the dream of summer and the Sun is enough to heat our interior.

The contact of sunlight with unprotected skin, may cause many negative conditions. Examples of these negative situations can be accelerating the aging effect of the skin, inducing wrinkle formation, causing the formation of stains, and decreasing the moisture level of the skin. It is essential to use sunscreen to protect the skin from these harmful effects.

There is also a false perception that sunscreens should only be used in summer. However, precautions should be taken four seasons against the sun’s harmful rays and sunscreen should be used.

According to some, sunscreens are cosmetics while the others regard them as pharmaceutical industry. However, there is a real and indisputable issue that no one wants to suffer from sun burns or to smell badly to avoid sun burns.

Candle was developed and patented by an American inventor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the first commercial deodorant in 1888. Years later, in 1931, an armpit applicator was developed. Humans are essentially odorless until they are fermented by bacteria developing in hot and humid environments as a result of perspiration. However, this fermentation results in unpleasant odors that both reduce our energy and disturb our cycle. Today, we cannot remove these unpleasant odors with only candles or armpits. It is necessary to take the first step by following the rules of hygiene regularly and by touching the soap.

Cosmetics sector has opened a war against these unpleasant odors many years ago and they are producing with different essences and different application apparatus by conducting R & D studies with huge budgets. Nowadays, you can choose cosmetic products with many options according to your favorite scents and skin. Deodorants, roll-ons, perfumes, foot care creams and more and more …

The pharmaceutical industry was also involved in the fight with bad smell along with cosmetics indutsry, a sector with a high growth momentum. In creams and moisturizing products, the importance given to cosmetics is increasing day by day. Treatment creams are offered to patients with more beautiful essences than before. The creams applied to the skin for the improvement of the disease and the reduction of the symptoms have attractive odors as care creams. Now, moisturizers containing peptides, retinol, alpha hydroxy acid in order to facilitate the regeneration of the body, smell germination, lavender, and vanilla. Fly sprays applied directly to the skin in open spaces are not very different, as well. You can decide how to smell when you buy fly sprays.

Now it’s impossible to smell bad. It’s not an excuse to say that I sweat a lot, I take lots of drugs. An aerosol deodorant, a burn cream, a sunscreen or a fly-spray is enough for you to feel positive in the community and not to disturb your surroundings. It is in your hands to smell nice and to protect from the harmful rays of the sun, to smell nice and make pleasant conversations for hours in campfire, to smell nice and to run at high tempo without stopping in busy metropolitan life.