First of all, the most important thing you should know is that the English level of Polish people is almost non-existent. There would be very little chance to find someone who can speak English. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you hire an interpreter who speaks Polish.

Plastpol is a fair where generally Polish plastics manufacturers are interested. It welcomes visitors from neighboring countries to a certain extent, but it is hard to say it attracts visitors internationally. However, since Poland is one of the major actors in the region, the quality of visitors is satisfying compared to the scale of the fair. In terms of location, it is organized in the city of Kielce, which is located in the middle of three big cities of Poland; Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz. Kielce is a small town, even a village for us. Therefore, accommodation and transportation can be a bit difficult.

It’s important to know that there are very few alternatives for accommodation. Considering both participants and visitors during the fair, it can be difficult to find a place to stay. In fact, this is actually a handicap for the fair. As many visitors can not find a place for accommodation, they fit their visit to the fair to one single day. Participants also need to arrange the accommodation early. Transportation to the city is available after landing in Warsaw or Krakow. Although the road through Warsaw is more comfortable, many parts of the road through Krakow are still under construction. Usually the most reasonable alternative to get to Kielce is arriving in one of these two cities and renting a car there.

It is also very hard to find a seat in restaurants of Kielce, without making a reservation 1-2 days prior to the fair. Speaking of food & beverage, there is an uncle from Bolu who has restaurants in the square and the main street of Kielce. He settled there with his family a long time ago. There are meals like fast-food and doner in the restaurants, therefore they turn into places that Turkish visitors go to often. They also provide takeaway services. Another thing you should know is that there is a website where you can order food in Poland, but the delivery times are very long and the website is not as sophisticated as the “food ordering website” we have.

Poland is a very economical country despite the fact that it’s located in Europe and offers a high quality of life. Both local and intercity transportation systems of the country are very high quality and economical. The Polish are keen on entertainment as much as they are organized and hardworking people. On Fridays and Saturdays, clubs and pubs are full and the streets are colorful and crowded. The Poles have highly positive opinions on foreign people. They are people who love to introduce their country and culture. Although the official language of the country is Polish, English is widely used especially among young people.

Drinking culture has an important place in the country. At birth, wedding ceremonies and funerals, a vodka neat is always drunk. There are also numerous beer types available. Accordingly, there are a lot of alcoholics living on the streets especially in big cities of Poland. They prefer to live on the streets even if the state allocates free accommodation and rehabilitation centers to those people. The attitude of the police towards drinking on the streets and disturbing actions is quite harsh.

Where to go in Poland?

In Krakow, one of the oldest and largest cities in Poland, you can go to Main Market Square, in order words, Rynek Glówny. In this square you can find Town Hall Tower (Wieža Ratuszowa), Catholic Church (Bazylica Mariacka), Hard Rock Café, phaetons and various restaurants. There is even a small bazaar in which souvenirs are sold. You can both eat food and visit historical places there, at the same time you can start a phaeton tour from there.

You can spend a peaceful and calm time by going to the Lazienki botanical park in Warsaw.

If you are interested in history, you should definitely visit the WWII Museum (Muzeum II Wojny Swiatowej) in the city of Gdansk. You will be surprised by how fast the time passes with the interesting architecture of the building and the wonderful presentation you’ll see there. It’s a museum that is full of sentiment and physically impressive. It covers all aspects of World War II, including events from the causes of war to the participation of the Japanese. The entrance to the museum on Tuesdays is known to be free.