Protect The Nature And Environment, Save And Contribute To Economy!

With recycling which is the most effective method for countries to benefit from their sources in long-term and maximum level;

Natural sources are protected by prohibiting the unnecessary use of resources.

The amount of the waste plastic is decreased by separating the wastes in their resource and the environment is protected.

The wastes are contributed to economy.

Energy is saved.

The Most Advantageous Recycling Material Is Plastic!

Among the recycling materials; plastic, rubber, iron, steel, copper, aluminum, lead, batteries, paper, glass, motor oils, waste oils, accumulators, tires, concrete, x-ray films, electronic wastes, and organic wastes are considered. However, because of the fact that plastic that is essential material of daily life is economical and easily applicable, it maintains its advantageous position during the recycling process.

For instance;

-While the necessary energy to recycle the glass bottle is 66% of the original energy production, this rate is only 10% in plastic materials.

-While the plastics are recycled between 120-200 degrees, the other alternative materials are recycled between 650-1400 degrees.

-As a result of recycling of 1 ton plastic packing waste, 14000 kWh energy conservation are saved. For instance, the amount of the energy that can be saved all across Turkey annually is 4 billion Megawatt hour.



Plastic that is a star of recycling is accepted as the material of the century at the same time. The reason is the fact below that are not much known about plastic…

Its Excellence Has Been Certified When It Is Produced

Plastic, which is invented by Alexander Parkes in England in 1862, has been much appreciated and won the perfection award in the International London Great Exhibition.

It Saves The Water Resources

In this period when the value of water resources increases because of the global warming, the importance of preferring the plastic bags also rises. While 3785 liter is spent for a thousand paper bag, only 30 liter water is spent for the same amount of polyethylene plastic bags. Besides, during the production of paper bags, 4.5 times more energy is spent than plastics.

Easily Soluble In Nature

It is obvious that the statement about plastics’ staying in nature for hundred years is far away from being scientific. Plastic bags have stayed in nature between 2-10 years. While decomposing, it does not harm neither environment and nor humans. Polyurethane foam saves lives. Plastic is used to stop the internal bleeding in abdominal and chest region which may cause to death in case of not responding emergencies. It can control the internal bleeding for at least one hour. Thus, it increases the rescue chance of wounded people on the way of hospital. The foam, which can be easily taken out of the body during the surgery, increases the survival rate from 8% to 72% even after 3 hours including the liver injuries that are described as the most severe case.

Aircrafts Fly With Plastic Wastes

Plastic wastes have been transformed into aviation fuel. This high-cetane fuel which doesn’t harm the environment while producing and contains less sulphur than diesel fuel is started to test in single-engine aircrafts. Cynar fuel produced by an Irish company Cynap Plc is produced with pyrolysis method. Long polymer chains are reduced in absence of oxygen with thermal degradation. Plastic is heated between the degrees 370-420 and pyrolysis gases are reboiled and then, these gases, by condensing, are separated as liquids with differential distillation. This special gasoline whose trick is in pyrolysis and distillation can not be blended with any other fuel types.

A Pochette Has 60W Bulb Power

The energy that only one pochette has is enough to lighten a room during ten minutes with 60W bulb power.
The less we cut down the trees, the more we have oxygen.
Each tree that isn’t cut down because of using plastics produces oxygen consumed by 4 people per day and takes the carbon dioxide from the air.

What Can A Plastic Bottle Be Transformed Into?

By regaining the material of plastic bottles ‘PETs’ these things can be produced; carpet bottoms, sleeping-bags, insulation material on clothes, vehicle parts, paintbrushes, airbags, bags, mailing boxes, picnic tables, fences, hiking boots, double-buckets, laser toner cartridges, strapping and geotextiles, etc. Plastics that are impossible to recycle can be used with the aim of energy thanks to their high calorific value.

The Most Ideal Material For Construction Sector

The plastic which is resistant for all the weather conditions and heat, flexible and powerful is the most ideal material for construction sector because of its lightness and low maintenance features. Construction sector realizes the 20% of usage of plastics in Europe.

3 Times More Agricultural Productivity With Plastic Pipes

Nowadays, people reach to the clean-water resources more easily through the light, flexible, healthy and low-cost plastic pipes. With the usage of the irrigation pipes, greenhouse covers and the likes of in agricultural area, 3 times more agricultural productivity is gained.

Secret Hero of Transportation

Usage of plastics is fairly a secret hero in means of transport. The fuel consumption of aircrafts, whose weights reduce as the usage of plastics increases, reduces. Using plastic fiber composites in the wing box of the biggest plane of the world: Airbus A380 reduces its weight by 1,5 tons in whose production plastics are used most highly. Thus, the plane can fly its 853 passengers for 14.800 km more and carry more cargo with the same amount of fuel. The same saving of fuel applies to the automotive industry. Supposing that the world has 800 million vehicles, thanks to the usage of 1 kg plastics in these vehicle’s production 1 billion dollar worth of fuel is saved up per year.


What Would Happen If It Wasn’t For Plastics?

• Average weight of packages would quadruple, the energy spent for the production of packages would double and its volume would increase by 2.5 times.

• We would not make use of wind power. Because special plastics are used in the evaluation process of this environment friendly source of energy, in wind turbines’ blades and shutters.

• If we used alternative materials instead of plastics greenhouse gas emission would increase by 50 percent and power consumption would increase by 46 percent.

• According to a research done in USA if plastics were not used at all, 53 billion kWh more energy would be used in the main sectors.

• Automobiles would be approximately 200-300 kg heavier. Each 100 kg piece reduces the usage of gas in Europe and CO2 emission by 30 million tons.