“Robotic Environmental Cleaning”

Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man, one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, in the cinematic universe has launched a massive funding fund in collaboration with Amazon. The aim of this funding is “Robotic Environmental Cleaning”. One of Hollywood’s most successful and popular actors, Robert Downey Jr. adds the title of robotic environmentalist to his exsting titles; philanthropist and writer.

Iron Man, who took the stage at Amazon’s “Re: Mars” conference in Las Vegas in early June, introduced its new mass funding. The idea involves cleaning our planet with nanotechnology and robotic work. Although Downey did not reveal much detail in his speech, “Footprint Coalition” was launched shortly after the actor’s announcement.

There is a form that you can fill in to be informed about the developments so far. According to Downey, however, a joint effort with the United Nations will be conducted over the next 11 months. It is hoped that work will begin in April 2020 with the coalition to be formed.


At the same time Iron Man mentioned in his descriptions: “With the harmony between nanotechnology and robotics, we can visibly clean our world. Maybe not entirely, but it will be possible in decades, as well.”

Downey Jr. also explained how his past environmental neglect inspired him to take action now. According to journalists he explained his feelings as follows; “I have this quiet feeling of crisis. I’m a one-man giant carbon footprint nightmare. But I want to change.”

Regardless of the actor’s exact action plan, Forbes estimates that Downey Jr.’s financial assets are around $ 81 million. It’s more than enough to start packing up the planet.


The Re: Mars conference, which means “Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space”, hosted several speakers presenting the benefits of artificial intelligence. In addition to announcing the opening of his organization, Downey Jr heralded that his wife Susan would produce a new YouTube Red documentary series on the miracles of AI (artificial intelligence), and of course the documentary would be told by Downey Jr.



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