Recycling Revolution in Turkey

“The Importance of Recycling”, which we constantly emphasize in our articles, is now taken seriously in our country.
“The Importance of Recycling”, which we constantly emphasize in our articles, is now taken seriously in our country. It’s easy as a pie for us to be one of the first names in the world that comes to mind in recycling. While many countries reduce recycling and waste imports, this can be turned in our favor. When there are hundreds of arable and non-living lands, it would be absurd for them to remain empty. First steps have been taken to capture both capital and reputation growth.

How did it start?

Bringing together the members of the plastic recycling industry around the strategy workshop in partnership with İKMİB in April, PAGDER announced the establishment of a Plastic Recycling Committee within İKMİB. It was stated that the activities of the committee will provide services to the zero waste project and it was stated that the zero waste project of a strong plastic recycling industry will be one of the most important and critical stakeholders. PAGDER President Selçuk Gülsün stated that the committee, which he also chairs, will start its activities after the Eid with these words:

“Our most important objective will be to provide dialogue and coordination among the stakeholders of this sector which offers a broad framework. In addition to our members and sector members, there will be a wide range of participants including academics, stakeholder civil society representatives, trade and industry chamber professional committee representatives and media representatives.”

Stating that cyclic economy is the economic model of the future, PAGDER President said:

“We believe that the jargon that is being tried to be presented to the public is outdated because there is no concept of garbage in the zero waste project. Instead, there is the concept of recyclable waste. If you can’t recycle it, you turn it into energy and go on. The aim here, as in the ultimate goal of zero waste Project, is to make Turkey one of the most successful actors cyclical economy.”

Production as much as a Petrochemical Plant, Current Account will be Closed

Gülsün expressed that Turkey is 90 percent dependent on foreign raw materials in the plastics side. He said that the raw materials obtained from recycled plastics with the current investments are approaching the production of a petrochemical plant. Gülsün also added:

“In our country, due to insufficient separation at source, we import clean, recyclable wastes at present, but with the zero waste project, we believe that the amount of waste that can be recycled in our country can become sufficient. Our goal is to reduce our current deficit in plastic raw material by 35.1% in 2030. However, unlike petrochemical investments, the plastics recycling industry is able to spread across the country, which in turn contributes to reducing regional development disparities.”

What is the latest news?

The developments were quite satisfactory. They decided to establish a Plastic Recycling Committee under the umbrella of İKMİB in order to follow the problems of the sector from a single source and to represent the sector in a strong way in the plastic recycling workshop organized jointly by İKMİB and PAGDER. Within the scope of this proposal accepted by İKMİB administration, Selçuk Gülsün was the chairman of the committee established. The Committee held its first meeting on July 17, 2019 with the participation and interest of the sector and Chairman of İKMİB, Adil Pelister and Chairman of the İKMİB Plastic Committee, Mehmet Uysal. Secretary General of PAGDER Prof. Dr. Selçuk Mutlu made a presentation on cyclical economy and current developments. Afterwards, members of the sector and committee members talked about the sector problems, solution proposals and the vision of the future. We already knew that İKMİB gives importance to recycling. Recently, PAGDER brings the issue of recycling on the agenda under the chairmanship of Selçuk Gülsün.

TGNA Turkish-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission President Mr. Ismail Emrah Karayel said; “We visited Mr. Muhammet Balta, Chairman of the Environment Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly; Mr. Mustafa Elitaş, Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology, and Ak Party Group Vice President Mehmet Muş and presented our report on our activities in the scope of plastic recycling, and we are grateful to them for their support for the development of our industry.”

Voltran has been created !!! Now it’s time to fight for recycling…