Four business activities between Turkey and Colombia were held during the year to improve the trade relations between the two countries.

İKMİB participated in Turkish Cosmetics Cluster Ur-Ge Project between 26-31 July 2019 with Colombia and Latin America. 9 members of the project participated in the International Marketing Activity, which we also call Cosmeet Bogota, with 11 officials.

Four business activities between Turkey and Colombia were held during the year to improve the trade relations between the two countries. According to Ece Öztürk, Turkey’s ambassador in Bogota, both countries had the opportunity to increase this part to ensure that exploration and mutual benefit.

The ambassador praised the progress in bilateral relations between the two countries and stressed the strategic geographical location of Colombia and Turkey to facilitate commercial activities. Ozturk said that we are pleased that Bogota was chosen as a strategic business center, as well as bringing together Colombian and Turkish businessmen at a meeting attended by the Latin American delegations.

The event hosted 35 Colombian companies from 13 Latin American countries, which held approximately 400 meetings with 20 Turkish suppliers. According to Cristian Paz, Director of Operations for Commercial Mission in Colombia, these meetings are expected to result in 40% long-term business.

Within the scope of the activity, a retail tour was organized. Our companies examined products similar to their own products, packaging, prices and quality of these products and their competitors in the market; in short, he conducted a market research. In the retail tour, they examined the largest cosmetics and cleaning products markets of Colombia and Latin America; Exito and Olimpica, department stores such as Falabella, cosmetic chains such as Cromantica and La Riviera were visited. Before the activity, an information meeting was held for our Cosmetics and Cleaning products. At the meeting, general information about the Cosmetics and Cleaning Products sector of Colombia and Latin America and export-import statistics were given. Product registration stages and processes were explained.

Erkul Cosmetics, which has a 36,000 m2 facility, attracted attention with its wide range of products. BFF Cosmetics and personal care products manufacturer Smile D ‘Commerce A.O. was also among the remarkable companies.

“Colombian and Latin American companies will benefit from meeting the Turks. Every year more and more Turkish companies participate in these events” said the Ambassaddor.

Öztürk was pleased to see that the Turkish cosmetics industry had an agreement with Colombia. “I am proud of Turkish products because they have high performances in terms of cost-benefit. Unfortunately, they are not well known in Colombia. That was the importance of having a business conference here.” he said.

He also noted that these products are already well known and distributed in the Eurasian region, but that he has just had the opportunity to introduce them to Latin American trade. “What we do here is to symbolically remove the distances between the two countries.”

Ozturk, stressed the growth occurring in bilateral relations between Colombia and Turkey: ” This cooperation benefits from both our country and Colombia like Turkey Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Turkish Airlines.

Regarding dialogues about the finalization of the free trade agreement between Turkey and Colombia Ozturk made some comments: He reminded that the negotiations have been taking place since 2011 with seven rounds of dialogue. He stressed that Colombia currently needs to increase the diversity of products that are exported to Turkey. He said, however, that the talks should continue to achieve a sustainable economy for the benefit of both countries.