Plastic makeup is a type of makeup that is most used in show business.

What Is Plastic Makeup? How Is It Done?

Plastic makeup is a type of makeup that is most used in show business. With this makeup you can make your face or body look like there are wounds, cuts, disintegrations that aren’t actually there. In the show business, the areas of choice are usually the cinema and television industry. In recent years, the use of plastic makeup has become one of the indispensables of cinema and TV series industry. Plastic makeup, which we usually meet on television or on the big screen, is mostly used to give effects such as injuries, masks, facial changes, aging, burning and cutting.

It is a fact that it is not easy to find these cosmetic products as well as it should be done by more professional people compared to general make-up. Although it is mostly used in American television series or films, it is possible to come across plastic make-up in films and series where serious investments have been made in our country. One of the companies that sell these products in our country is Cryolan and the other is Ben NYE.

Even though it is mostly used in show business, it has been used in some different sectors recently. For example, people who want to joke each other can now benefit from plastic makeup. Or instead of making use of clowns in the entertainment sector, people with plastic make-up can walk the streets to promote any company.

We have heard a lot of mixing of plastic and porcelain makeup. This is because both types of make-up do not come out of the skin for a long time, and the products and make-up are usually similar. But plastic make-up is usually a make-up that cannot be encountered as often as injury or bleeding and requires much more effort. Porcelain make-up, on the other hand, is often used to create aesthetics.

Plastic Makeup Prices

First of all, it is necessary to say that when personal plastic makeup is done well, it looks more realistic and beautiful than CGI (Computer Generated Image). It is also more cost-effective than CGI.

Liquid latex is mostly used to give blood effect to cosmetic product. In addition, materials such as burn gel, sponge, adhesive and powder are used for this plastic cosmetic makeup. However, as we have already emphasized, in order to apply these products, a training in this direction is required. Where and how these products are used varies for each product. If you enjoy great make-up, you can have a gold bracelet in a very open market by applying to these courses. Course prices vary depending on the duration, but average prices vary between 200 TL and 500 TL.