Think of food bags and packaging so natural that you will be able to eat without any danger to your health.

Think of food bags and packaging so natural that you will be able to eat without any danger to your health. These plastic bags and bags made of organic materials, that is, natural materials, distinguish itself from the petrochemical industry.

They are not only biodegradable, but also edible, resulting in products that are harmless to animals and humans, and that are completely respectful of the environment. The introduction of these bags into the food processing industry can revolutionize the way we consume, while reducing the mass of human waste that will unconsciously pollute the planet for centuries.

It is not right to condemn the effects of plastic on the environment. After all, the problem is with the user, you need to educate and explain the consumers. But despite all our efforts, we are forced to struggle to live without plastic. Each plastic alternative material produced will cost heavy costs and mass weight. The world is slowly banning disposable plastic bags, but the alternative is expensive products, just an effort to grow a different sector.

All over the world, engineers and business owners are involved in the fight against plastics. Weapons: Various natural ingredients of plant origin, which are components of organic plastics. Organic plastic is the innovative material that scientists produce bags that are biodegradable as well as edible.
Below are alternatives that nature offers to traditional plastic. It’s up to you to taste it or not.

Potato-Based Bags

According to the French company Sphere PTL, potatoes can compete with oil. The company is based in Seine-Maritime and linked with the German green chemistry laboratory Biotec. Since 2006, they have been using the potential of potato starch to create organic bags. Thanks to this substance which greases the decomposition wheels, the bags can become organic fertilizer or decompose at the storage site within six months. It is not only biodegradable, but also soluble in water and animals can eat.

Cassava Based Drinkable Bags

In India, an entrepreneur named Kevin Kumala invented a bag made of cassava, a common root in the country. Unlike a classic plastic bag, you can burn without hesitation. Combustion does not release any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It can be dissolved in hot water and can be consumed by both animals and humans without harm to health, because its composition does not contain toxic substances.

With this organic bag, the business owner aims to solve the problem caused by plastic pollution in his country. But still the price is a little discouraging, cassava bags are twice as expensive as plastic bags. Without a public policy encouraging the reduction of plastic waste, the cassava bag was able to convince only a few hotels and local shops. You can find detailed information about cassava-based drinkable bags here: (Sizce Poşet İçilebilir Mi? Link yönlendirmesi gelecek buraya)

Fruit and Vegetable Cocktail Bag

The secret of organic plastic developed by Indian entrepreneur Ashwath Hedge consists of twelve natural ingredients, vegetable and starch-rich fruits and vegetables (corn, tapioca, potato, banana), vegetable oil and organic waste by-products. The mixture of all these natural ingredients forms a biodegradable and edible bag.

To develop this solid idea, the young entrepreneur set up EnviGreen, a startup in Bangalore. Eco-friendly bags meet the standard of biodegradability, which means that when they are thrown into the nature they decompose in less than three months. They also dissolve in hot water within 15 seconds and emit neither carbon dioxide nor greenhouse gas. Even the inscriptions and logos in the bags are printed with environmentally friendly ink without chemical products.

Bags sold since the beginning of this year are 35% more expensive than conventional plastic bags. The owner hopes to resist the pollution of plastic waste in India and to promote local agriculture by offering farmers new opportunities.

Corn Based Shopping Bags

In Mexico, students of the National Polytechnic Institute (NPI) developed a sachet using natural resources. They developed a biodegradable and edible corn polymer bag. Indeed, the material does not contain any substances that may be harmful to health. It is soluble in water and drinkable.

Depending on the production process, it may break down within a few days or a few months. This provides a great advantage for industrialists who can choose the biodegradability of the plastic depending on the function or depending on the goods it protects. The students also plan to spread their organic plastics to other fields such as toy manufacturing and the automobile industry. In fact there are many advantages that can be useful in these areas: Flexibility, non-toxic structure, memory foam production.

Is This the Prevention of Pollution?

It is not overlooked that herbal materials have become fashionable in recent years. Engineers from all over the world are dedicated to the production of organic plastics. Many uses are contemplated for natural and biodegradable materials. Together with these projects, the agricultural sector will start to grow from a different angle in the world.