It is not difficult to promote recycling.

It is not difficult to promote recycling. Recycling provides raw materials, reputation and economic returns to companies. But to collect these wastes, sometimes it is necessary to encourage people.

There is a free public transport tickets abroad, the application that has much of a counterpart, such as shopping credits to bring up waste. We have not yet developed a proper perception of recycling. We are still waiting to see the practice mentioned in one of our previous articles, “Once Upon a Time”. You know, when we throw the bottle into the machine, it puts penny on our “akbil”. However, there are water vending machines at almost every stop, and putting this vending machine on the sides of the turnstile and inside the stops would prevent bottle waste from going to the garbage.

But fortunately, we have seen an exemplary practice from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This application is connected to a reward system that activates primitive and pure feelings of people. For every contribution they make to recycling, they receive an item, a reward, that can remind them. This is the only way we can get people to recycle awareness.

Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) announced that it will give 1 free cloth bag to anyone who brought 20 plastic bottles or 20 aluminum beverage cans to the LTB 50th Anniversary Nursery with the campaign “Not to the Trash but to Recycling” initiated in 2019 on Thursday, January 24th.
According to the statement made by the NTM, within the framework of the campaign initiated with the motivation of the Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Wastes under the Environmental Law no. The ministry will place two separate collection containers for aluminum and plastics.

Citizens will bring 20 plastic bottles and 20 aluminum beverage cans to the nursery and throw them in collection containers to receive cloth bags.


The support for the plastic lid collection campaign conducted by the TRNC Solidarity Association for the Disabled has been supported by Lefke İstiklâl Primary School and Lefke Courts.
The President of the Association Omer Suay said that the lids were delivered to the association through Doctor Nurcin Incirli, a volunteer of goodness. Suay, in his written statement; Approximately 2 wheelchairs are supplied every month with recycling of all plastic lids.

Suay said: This social responsibility campaign is an important sensibility towards both the environment and humanity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of volunteers who were with us on behalf of the entire disabled community.

We need to make recycling one of the motor functions of people, further enhancing quality and information.