A first on the campus of Istanbul Technical University has taken place.

A first on the campus of Istanbul Technical University has taken place. Part of the building is made of recyclable material. The building is environmentally friendly and aims at minimum energy consumption. Environmentalist, 24-hour living, barrier-free, pedestrian friendly.

On Istanbul Technical University (ITU) campus the mission has started with this understanding. One of the activities carried out for this is a completely green building with LEED certificate.

ITU green campus area is the number one campus in Turkey for two years. GreenMetric, which evaluates world universities in terms of environmental awareness, ranks 67th in the ranking. It is also the only Turkish university in the top 100 in this list.

Minimum Energy Consumed

While building the building, we worked with experts from the selected plant to each system applied. Attention was paid to details such as choosing plants unique to the Istanbul climate and using water as effectively as possible. The result was an environmentalist building.

All electronic products used in this energy efficient building are designed to consume minimum energy. No plants on the campus are watered with mains water. Permeable concrete application was implemented to collect rain water. Landscaping plants are planted around the building with water obtained from recycling.

Harmless Gases for Ozone Layer were Used

Another important feature of the building is that the gases used in the mechanical system do not harm the ozone layer. These gases do not produce greenhouse gases. So it does not affect climate change. At the same time, a certain part of the building was made of recyclable material.

Many elements were paid attention to while building. One of them was to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum. During this process, even excavation trucks on the construction site were washed out. In short, the building did not cause any noise pollution or environmental pollution during the construction phase.

Who will use the building?

In the basement of the building, which has a closed area of 10 thousand square meters, there are mechanical installations, warehouses and laboratories. The three floors above it will be used by the IT Department which contributes to the Marmara Region in the field of software.

The other 3 floors of the building will be used by Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences. The institute will work on issues such as climate change, crust, oceans and seas and will continue to conduct research in an environmentally friendly building.
” Maximum comfort, minimum expense”

The building, which is described by Sis Alkan, Head of Construction Technical Department, as a building with zero waste properties, has no harm to the environment. Alkan said that even the leaves of each tree have a great importance for us, and that they are trying to protect the environment.

Alkan also explained that there are no harmful substances released by the building to the atmosphere and he says:
Glasses comfortable glass. Structures that completely absorb the incoming sunlight. These are all carefully selected, mostly domestic ingredients. We aim to provide minimum expense without reducing comfort to the maximum. LEED-certified buildings in Turkey are being made, but we have taken campus degrees and certificates in terms of environmental approach.

Costs more than other buildings

ITU’s building costs 20 percent more than a non-environmental building. However, Alkan stated that future earnings cannot be evaluated with any financial criteria.

First of all, you set an example, you have a structure that you will be proud of. What happens when the economic life is completed is not unknown. You don’t worry that 20 years later, this building will start to harm the environment or that it will release the gas out. The economic life of such buildings is around 50-60 years.

Alkan also emphasizes that they will open the building to use when they save the percentages. He says they have the goal of maintaining the campus with minimum energy. This is going back to you in 1-2 years. Not only you, but the country, the world is going back. We have to pay great attention to recycling. This is the biggest contribution we can make individually. We need to separate everything we throw now.

Istanbul Technical University will continue to be renewed with a green campus approach.