Another news that makes us smile is from Istanbul, Büyükçekmece.

Another news that makes us smile is from Istanbul, Büyükçekmece. Istanbul Büyükçekmece Municipality Public Education Center’s 4 instructors collected waste materials and they make clock towers, village houses, trams and models of ships out of them.

Waste Materials Turn into Art

Retired captain pilot Nihat Kalpakçı, who worked as an instructor in Istanbul Büyükçekmece Municipality Public Education Center, retired colonel Dr. Ahmet Kovancı, retired banker Caner Küçükyılmaz and retired Özden Ceyhan contribute to the development of handicrafts with their courses.

Making Use of Waste Materials

4 instructors who produce trainees interested in making models, evaluate waste materials and produce models, miniatures and reliefs. From the clock towers they produce using the various waste materials they collect, village houses, trams to ships, many works, fascinates those who see.

They make miniatures, models and reliefs

Nihat Kalpakçı, one of the instructors, told us that they produce works by using a wide variety of materials and that they are working on handicrafts in three sections as miniature, model and relief.

Kalpakçı stated that they generally evaluate waste materials or garbage and said:
In the works we make, we obtain grass by painting the shavings of carpenters green. We also obtain the rain gutters and water pipes of the houses we make by using the leaves of the trees, the tree trunks using the wires, the wires of the umbrellas thrown in the stormy weather, by clipping and painting the sponges coming out of the beds.

It’s Like Therapy for us

Özden Ceyhan said that she started to work as a hobby after her retirement.

Ceyhan said that they used all kinds of metal, plastic and wood products to get their hands from waste materials. After retirement, I started as a hobby. It’s a therapy for us. We use our free time. He said they are evaluating waste materials and uncovering such works.