Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it is impossible to protect the walls and surfaces from debris and dirt and keep them clean.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it is impossible to protect the walls and surfaces from debris and dirt and keep them clean. Such damage over time can cause irreversible damage. This can lead to expensive repairs, the need to replace all parts of plaster, wallpaper and other unprotected surfaces. The cost will hardly be high.
However, some people have begun to use transparent plastic coatings to protect, keep it clean or easy to make it clean walls and surfaces in their homes. It is worth reminding that plastic is easy to shape and color. You don’t have to use transparent, you can decorate with the patterns you want and get more elegant images
Here are some examples of visual use, can inspire you.

Bicycle Garage

Riding and cycling has become an increasingly popular transportation and enjoyable hobby. However, there is the problem of storing bicycles safely in a place away from wet weather. Storing them indoors is probably a good idea. However, this brings the risk of damaging the walls behind with castors rubbing marks and grease.
As you can see in the image, it is possible to protect the walls with transparent, durable and wall-mounted plastic plates.

Protect the Wall Around Trash

It is a fact that the items we use every day can damage the areas where they are used. We open the lid by pressing the pedals of the trash cans, but at the same time our movement pushes it towards the wall. As such, you are also aware of the structures that can cause frequent bumps and scratches in the back area.
This solution, which looks neat and stylish, can avoid these problems with the protective coating of the walls. It will also force the attachment of micro-organisms, such as mold, which can spread from the trash, and will be easy to clean.

Door Protectors

Perhaps the most commonly used structures in our daily lives are the doors. While the doors are made of durable material, it is difficult to say the same for the paint thrown on them. Therefore, especially if you have children and pets playing around the door, you will prevent any harm they may cause.
Installing a plastic coating on the door panels can reduce frequent dirt and damage. It reduces the need for re-painting and also makes it much easier to wipe off in case of contamination.

Bathroom Wall Protection

Bathroom areas are difficult to keep clean and hygienic, especially in a public area. The use of easy-to-attach plastic sheets is a great way to prevent microbes, moisture and dirt from adhering. It gives you the option of brush-cleaning the surface and allows you to use detergents that you might not use on painted or paper walls.

There are countless ways to protect walls and surfaces with plastic, but we’ve provided a few examples that can inspire you. If you don’t want to make plaster and paint again, these plastic protection solutions are for you. At the same time, thanks to this kind of plastic plates, you can even provide a certain level of sound insulation.