In fact, in nature, due to humanity, thoughtless plastic waste did not experience much pleasant events.

In fact, in nature, due to humanity, thoughtless plastic waste did not experience much pleasant events. But there’s no point in making plastic a scapegoat. Plastic can also play a role in giving animals and humans a second chance. Even Without any obstacles.

Balıkesir turtle animal injured in the roadside, was being treated in the nursing home. Splints were made of plastic clamps, the broken shell was connected to each other. An interesting method was applied for the treatment of the turtle, which had 5 cracks in its shell. The animal returned from the dead, will be released to nature after treatment.

Veterinary Surgeon Oğuz Erçel;

We performed a splint application of the clamps. Because the shells were exposed, healing would not be possible. We will put these wound shells together with handcuffs again and heal with ointment treatments.

The turtle, whose treatment will continue for a while, will be released to nature after being healed.

They Made a Walker for the Disabled Dog

Industrial site in Edirne, Ilhan Demirhan who makes spare parts business in Industrial site in Edirne made a walker out of plastic pipes fort he disabled dog that can not walk. Now the dog can walk thanks to him.

A shopkeeper in Edirne makes his disabled dog, Boz, walk with a car made of plastic pipes. İlkkan Demirhan (30), who owns a spare parts shop in the Edirne Industrial site, adopted the stray dog Boz 5 years ago and built a hut next to his workplace.

Boz, who was shot by a rifle, was injured and could not use his hind legs. The animal-loving artisan took his dog to the operation twice in a private veterinary clinic in Istanbul. But Boz couldn’t get up. He made his dog walk in a wheeled carriage through the water pipe. Demirhan won the appreciation of the surrounding artisans. Demirhan said that he owned the stray dog Boz and built a shack next to his workplace and the dog was shot by a man.

Demirhan stated that he made great efforts to get the dog back to health; “I took him in my own vehicle to Istanbul, he had surgeries. He spent one month in the clinic but could not stand up. His paralysis didn’t improve. Since then we have been receiving treatment, but he does not feel his hind legs.

Demirhan stated that Boz is the joy and mascot of the industrial site

We wholeheartedly want Boz to heal.

The happiness of his dog, expressing that he is happy Demirhan, said: We have made many attempts to walk the dog. We made a tool from the market basket but this formula did not hold much. Our friends from college visited Boz a lot, they tried to make a walker and this method did not work. But we’ve built a car by combining the latest water pipes. He walks comfortably with him, which makes Boz happy. We wholeheartedly want Boz to stand up for his recovery. The money I spend for the treatment does not matter at all, but the punishment applied to those who harm animals is very mild. Those who harm animals must be sentenced to imprisonment.

Animal lovers, artisans and representatives of the animal rights federation does not leave Boz alone.

Solidarity Animal Rights Federation Edirne Representative İbrahim Dönmez stated that the dog remained paralyzed despite the surgery and treatments; Both the owner and we are doing our best to stand up and walk. We do not leave our disabled lives alone. A cheerful dog. That didn’t change his hold on to life. We shared his excitement with the walker made of pipes. Before the walker, he was only walking in the area that belonged to him, but now he can walk. He loves to travel, he is very happy.

Street Animals Responsible of the federation, Yağmur Islattı mentioned that the dog was not left on the streets again although it was a strayed dog before.