We can't tell some people not to throw your waste in the nature randomly.



We can’t tell some people not to throw your waste in the nature randomly. Regardless of the type of plastic, paper, metal or wood, everyone is constantly telling you not to throw your waste into nature randomly. States are telling, governments are telling, teachers are telling, non-governmental organizations are telling, your neighbor is telling but some people don’t understand. If they don’t understand, waste becomes vilified. Look here, look here, look at the pollution of this street, that forest, that sea, we blame the industries. However, there are those who do not understand and do not want to understand… There are some people who throw those wastes into nature.



Entrepreneurs said that since we can’t explain, they rushed to find a solution themselves. A super initiative has been started for the masks, which we often see in the streets, which are our biggest protector in the pandemic, but later declared as scapegoats, but never blame some people.



Entrepreneurs said that since we can’t tell some people that they shouldn’t throw masks on the ground, they must have done a useful job while throwing their masks on the ground. How is that, we hear you say. Namely, the entrance designed disposable face masks to be thrown away.



Face masks thrown on the ground both pollute the environment and become a risk for nature. It is based on the idea that leaving these disposable masks on the ground can actually benefit the environment. A Dutch designer came up with the idea of putting flower seeds between rice paper to create a biodegradable face mask that can be planted in your garden.

Designer Marianne de Groot-Pons says she’s tired of seeing so many polluting disposable masks every time she goes for a walk. So she started working on the concept of a disposable mask that helps biodiversity thrive. “The idea is to flower the world,” she explains. “This is your chance to make the bees happy and give something to nature.”



She sells her masks under the name ‘Marie Bee Bloom’ and is surprised by the demand for her products. In just 5 weeks, she had to move the masks from the kitchen table she had assembled and hired 30 more to get to work. For now, it sells the homemade masks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but aims to expand to all of Europe in a few weeks. Expanding your business is not just a question of capacity. “We need to understand how it’s possible to bloom in the world. Because sending seeds to places like the US, Africa or Asia is a bit of a challenge. But hopefully we can find a way in time.” Says the entrepreneur.

Now, if we say that there is a seed in that mask when some people, which we cannot explain as throwing waste on the ground, throwing your face mask on the ground, and harming the environment, throw a mask on the ground, and that they are doing nature a favor unwillingly, I think they will stop throwing masks on the ground. As they say, do good and see good. With the wish that some people who are not at peace with nature and do not like people learn to do good as soon as possible…




We can't tell some people not to throw your waste in the nature randomly.