Dice; It is a tool for generating random numbers, mostly in the form of a cube, with a number of dots...



Dice; It is a tool for generating random numbers, mostly in the form of a cube, with a number of dots representing one of the numbers 1-6 on each side. Bone, ivory, plastic etc. produced from materials. It is generally used in games of chance or for drawing lots. A standard dice is 6 sided, but there are also dice with more faces. On a standard dice, the sum of the numbers on the two opposite faces always equals 7. E.g; The opposite side of the dice corresponding to 1 is 6, and the opposite side of the dice corresponding to 2 is 5.



After explaining the basic meaning of the dice, users were barely persuaded whether to use the dice for a game or to draw lots so that bone and ivory dice are not used… both types of material are a sign of wealth. However, plastic dice, which are much more innocent and much more harmless, have convinced dice lovers with their different colors and sizes.



The dice are the oldest known game tool. The earliest known dice are a four-sided pyramid-shaped Sumerian dice from the 3rd millennium BC. This dice belongs to the royal playset Ur, one of the earliest tabletop games ever to be found as a complete set. The dice found in China from 600 BC and the ancient Egyptian dice from 2000 BC are almost identical to the modern standard dice. The oldest written record mentioning dice is the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata, which dates back about 2,000 years.



Children’s games, adult games and even dice that take their place in car mirrors are indispensable for many people. It sounds like you’re saying let’s not exaggerate the dice. These facts are not exaggerations. Think about it, it’s a nice weekend and you’re playing ludo, no dice. Two tradesmen want to play backgammon for their dessert while sipping tea under a shade in the heat of noon, but there is no dice. Of course, many more examples can be given.


Did you know that the first material to be recycled is membranes? Would you be surprised if we told you that old dice were processed into resin colors and turned into very valuable prayer beads? Old dice prayer beads are invaluable not only because of their material value, but also because of the stories they carry spiritually.

Isn’t it a six-sided dice? Dice always evokes bad habits. However, every dice has a story hidden inside. Of course, it is not always possible to understand that story and reveal it. Many songs have been described, many poems have been described with dice. Many joys and many sorrows are depicted with dice.