While driving along with a light music on a pleasant car journey, suddenly the eyes get tired and the surroundings get foggy.



While driving along with a light music on a pleasant car journey, suddenly the eyes get tired and the surroundings get foggy. I think it’s time to take a break, and when we look around carefully after getting rid of the effect of the music, it turns out that it was not the tiredness that fell on our eyes.

Fog is a weather phenomenon that reduces the horizontal visibility to less than 1 km. It is also known as the formation of stratus clouds on or near the ground. It consists of very small water droplets or ice crystals that emerge as a result of the condensation or crystallization of water vapor in the air. Light fog that does not reduce the visibility much is called haze. There may be very light precipitation in the form of drizzle in the fog. Since it prevents the sun, it prevents the increase in daytime temperatures; Although it can negatively affect sea, land and air transportation, it can provide an aesthetic appearance and is beneficial in terms of agriculture.



Fog not only reduces visibility but also causes slippery ground. For this reason, it is very important for drivers to drive knowing that the braking distance will increase. It is necessary to travel at a speed suitable for visibility in foggy weather. The distance allowed by the driver’s own field of vision should be a limit, not the speed limit allowed on the road. While driving, road lines and road signs should be taken as reference, not the vehicle in front of you. Do not rely on the reflexes of other drivers in foggy weather. If possible, no lanes should be changed in foggy weather, but if lanes are to be changed while driving, extreme caution should be exercised. At this point, it is most reasonable to travel with the car windows open, as the field of view is reduced. In this way, it is possible to notice the vehicle from the sound of the surrounding vehicles, even if they cannot be seen. Fog lights must be used. It is necessary not to turn on the hazard warning lamps while in motion. Although turning on the high beams seems like a logical solution, it is actually a very wrong practice. High beams create a wall effect in the field of view and cause less visibility. First of all, it should be noted that fog is a weather condition that negatively affects driving safety, but it should not be forgotten that fog cannot be considered as a cause of accident on its own. Driving in the fog is extremely comfortable if the right precautions are taken. .


Now let’s get to the real issue. The front and rear fog lights, which have a very nice design made of plastic in the vehicles, have a task. As explained above, they are mounted on the vehicle to be used in foggy weather. Air is not for throwing. Even if it is used in non-foggy weather conditions, it may be too late before the penalty is applied. How Does?

In non-fog weather, the driver who is driving behind and in front of you may be distracted or dazzled by the fog lights you turn on. As a result, an accident with property damage or injury or even death may occur. While the driver of the accident dies, you can continue on your way without being aware of anything fancy. But remember, one day your eyes may fog up, but not from fog…