Although passion, literally, is an enthusiasm that transcends wills and judgments, our life is also an undefined emotion or behavior. For some it is a love for chocolate, for some it is a football team…

Although passion, literally, is an enthusiasm that transcends wills and judgments, our life is also an undefined emotion or behavior. For some it is a love for chocolate, for some it is a football team… Sometimes it is as if human beings are fighting for existence with their passions… Sometimes they cling to their passions even more tightly with their existence.
Of course, automobiles are one of our greatest passions… For some, comfort, for some speed, for some design, for some others a rigging. In fact, like every coat of arms, there is a story about automobile crests as well.



ALFA ROMEO; The alpha name is actually an abbreviation for Anonima Lombardo Fabbrica Automobili. The name Romeo comes from Nicola Romeo, who bought the company in 1915. When the company was founded in Milan in 1910, the management decided to use two symbols of the city as the logo. The first is a red cross in the city’s logo. The second was a snake taken from the Flam of the Visconti Family. This interesting logo symbolizes the victory over the Arabs in the first Crusade.


ASTON MARTIN; The name Aston Martin comes from the surname of Lionel Martin, one of the company’s founders, and the Aston Hill Climb, where he found success. The wings in the emblem were added to the logo in 1927 to symbolize speed, and it is thought to be inspired by Bentley’s winged bonnet logo.


AUDI; Company founder, August Horch, left the company to which he gave his surname, and the use of the same name was prohibited. Later, August’s son suggested the name Audi, saying it means Horch in Latin. The 4 interlocking rings with the Audi logo represent the four automobile companies (Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer) that united in 1932 in Germany. The silver color also comes from Germany’s national racing color.


BENTLEY; Bentley first made a name for himself by making aircraft engines during World War I. This is the reason for the wings in the emblem. The silver color of the logo symbolizes sophistication. It is seen that the wings on both sides of the emblem host a different number of feathers, which have changed throughout the history of the brand.


BMW; BMW, short for the Bavarian Motor Works name, was originally only producing aircraft. That’s why the blue parts inside the logo symbolize the sky, while the white parts make up the propeller of the plane. Another claim is that the blue and white colors on the emblem come from the colors of the state of Bavaria.



BUGATTI; The name Bugatti comes from Ettore Bugatti, the founder of the brand. The 60 dots on the side of the red oval are claimed to represent Bugatti’s safety wires used in its engine due to the lack of gaskets.



CITROEN; The French double-angle sergeant symbol used on the Citroen emblem was previously used on cogwheels, another Citroën product. The French, who started making cars in 1919, found it appropriate to use the double angle emblem on their first cars.



FERRARI; While the Italian flag is located on the upper side of the logo, the yellow color that makes up the font is the color of the city of Modena. Scuderia Ferrari’s first letters are also included in the logo. Coming to the story of the most striking black horse in the logo: Countess Paolina, the mother of a pilot who lost her life during World War I, tells Enzo Ferrari to use the raven horse figure on her son’s plane in their car and that will bring him good luck. Ferrari follows the words of the pilot’s mother and begins to use the raised black horse in its logo. The reason why a black horse is used in the logo is that it is a mourning symbol for the hero pilot.



FORD; The blue oval was first used in 1927. The signature of the company’s founder, Henry Ford, has come almost unchanged since it was first used in 1909.


JAGUAR; Known as SS Cars before World War II, the brand later chose Jaguar as a new name for itself, symbolizing elegance and constant forward movement. Its logo would of course be a jaguar.



LAMBORGHINI; Founder of the brand, Ferrucio Lamborghini chose the sign of the bull as the brand’s emblem. And all Lamborghini models are named after wrestling bulls in Spain.



MASERATI; The fountain pool in Bologna, where the Maserati brothers were born, inspired the logo. The brothers, also affected by the fact that Neptune is the god of earthquakes, storms and horses, also chose the triple forked spear as their logo.



MAZDA; Ahura Mazda is the Zoroastrian God of the Persians. The company’s website states that the company name comes from its founder, Jujiro Matsuda. The round form in the Mazda logo symbolizes the sun, while the letter M stands for Mazda. The emblem is also perceived as a bird with its wings spread, symbolizing freedom.



MERCEDES-BENZ; Karl Benz, the founder of Mercedes-Benz, put a star emblem on the top of his house with a view of the engine factory Deutz and Cologne, and in a letter he wrote to his wife, he mentioned that this star would one day represent success and power. Although the logo has changed over the years, the star symbolizing the idea on land, air and water has remained permanent.



PORSCHE; The black horse on the Porsche emblem is from the coat of arms of Stuttgart, Germany. The antlers and red-black lines are quoted from the flag of the village of Württemberg in Germany.



TESLA; The name of the brand comes from Nikola Tesla, who found the alternative current. The vertical part of the stylized letter T in the logo represents the rotor pole and the curved line on it represents a part of the fixed coil, showing us the cross section of the electric motor.


And many more… Most of those car logos that shine brightly, that we clean carefully, that we can’t get enough of sharing on social media, that we are passionately attached to are actually plastic. If you have not changed your car logo before because it was damaged, maybe you did not even realize it was plastic… Printing your car logo with a 3D printer or changing it by purchasing will not take even 10 minutes. Remember, not every shining item is metal, but every shining item is probably plastic.