We used to have plastic animals that were designed as objects but added value to our lives as if they were real.



We used to have plastic animals that were designed as objects but added value to our lives as if they were real. We would buy those animals, feed them, put them to sleep and name them. Over time, as in all areas, our plastic animals lost their souls and became just objects.



However, they are still very, very effective. How Does? Children of our age are introduced to many trainings when they are only 2 months old. When we talk about music training, dance training, language training, we realized that our children do not know animals. So what are we gonna do? We immediately go to the roads and go to the nearest toy store and buy plastic animal toys and start education. Look, this dog is baaakkk when we say this cat, we realized that there is no octopus. This adventure never ends, and the whole animal kingdom is tried to be created by constantly buying different plastic animal sets.


Now the child has grown up and it’s time to go to the zoo. Those questions begin…. Parents, aren’t there any dinosaurs here? Mistake hits us. There were also dinosaurs among the plastic toys. How are we going to tell now that a meteorite fell and the dinosaurs died? This secret is kept for years and children always want to go to the zoo with the dream of seeing a dinosaur.

From time to time, those plastic animal toys are not looked at and become unplayable. Training completed animals are introduced. So what about those plastic animals now? Will they remain as a memory? They are immediately given to the neighbor’s newborn child as a gift. Then the other child, then the other child, the mission of those plastic animals never ends.



Recycling continues with plastic animals. And without us even realizing it. Years later, we remember those plastic animals. We tell them in a story. In order not to remember real animals in stories after years, let’s recycle metals, plastics, glass, paper by sorting them where they should be.

Recycling is the most important and simple way to protect not only animals, but also the whole nature and our entire planet. We must work relentlessly to recycle for clean energy, sustainability and a livable world. We should not expect these studies only from states and companies. Let plastic animals remain only as toys, it is entirely up to us to use them or not as an educational tool in our life.

Perhaps the most important question to ask now is not the answer to why dinosaurs died. Because if we don’t do something about recycling, our children will ask us much tougher and unexplained questions. You’ll blush when they ask these questions, and if you don’t want to feel guilty, you should take action.