Wuhan merkezli Covid-19 DSO tarafından pandemi olarak ilan edildiğinde genel olarak bütün dünyada olduğu gibi Türkiye’ de önlemler hızla alınmaya başlanmıştı. Koronavirüs ile mücadele elbette kolay değil. Özellikle üreticiler için daha da zor mücadele etmek. Durmayan maliyetler, piyasa koşulları, global rekabet ve azalan talepler genel olarak bazı meslek dallarını zorlayacak hatta yok edecekti. Türkiye’ de alınan önlemler, sağlık politikaları ve eylem planları plastik sektöründe negatif etkilerin minimuma indirgenmesi amaçlanmış koşullar sebebi ile üretimin durmayarak krizin aşılması hedeflenmiştir.

Wuhan-based Covidien-19 measures in Turkey as well as in general all over the world when the pandemic be declared by the DSO had begun to be taken quickly. Combating coronavirus is of course not easy. Fighting is even more difficult, especially for manufacturers. Non-stop costs, market conditions, global competition and decreasing demands would generally force or even destroy some professions. Turkey’s taken precautions, health policies and action plans aimed to overcome the crisis caused by the halt in production by minimizing the negative impact of the intended conditions in the plastics industry.

Global giant companies in the plastics industry have stopped their production due to their regions. Due to the closure of logistics services, attention turned to Turkey.

In general, there are decreases in the plastics industry as expected in the automotive, white goods and electronics and construction sectors and this is not surprising. Packaging, disposable plastics, medical and hygiene products all over the world as it is in Turkey receive annual orders on a monthly basis. These are locomotive sectors.

As we noted above, Turkey’s manufacturers in plastics and chemical sector have been working nonstop since there is no requirement to stop production. Since the necessary precautions are taken as state and legal, coronavirus trainings and informations are done completely, they are constantly working to deliver their orders in a timely and complete manner with their own resources, stocks and professional production understanding. In Turkey, manufacturers also continue to trade in line with global trade logistics facilities as well as to meet domestic market needs. They present their power to social projects by taking part in the fight against coronavirus.

Due to the coronavirus effects experienced globally, the supply chain disruption causes problems in the import of raw materials and intermediate inputs and thus in the export of products. Increased collection risk and order cancellations have led producers to be more careful and to look for new markets.

As part of the coronavirus struggle, we are hoping that the Government, Economic Stability Shield program, which evaluates these developments in the market, and with the steps to be taken, will stand by our producer, industrialist, farmer and the Plastic sector will grow further from this crisis.