The far away has always called us with its mystery.



The far away has always called us with its mystery. Traveling, making journeys into the unknown, discovering new places and new cultures, moreover, stopping time in time is a magical lifestyle. Knowing the unknown is priceless. There is such an unknown that it is always with us that always calls us, but it is also so far away.

It is not enough to look at the sky anymore, to the son of man. Years of work are no longer exclusive to scientists anymore. Man questions, learns and now wants to travel to space. Space Perspective, a space company, has started receiving reservations for space balloons that will go to the stratosphere. Tickets are $125,000 USD. It was announced that this price includes breakfast and various drinks. According to Jeff Bezos’ space company, which sold a ticket for $28 million at auction; announced that they offer a luxury space travel experience at a low cost. Space Perspective, a Florida-based space tourism company in the USA, announced the start of ticket sales for giant space balloons that carry eight people in a luxury cabin to an altitude of 100,000 feet (30 kilometers).



The announcement also follows a special pre-sale period, during which the first three first rides are sold out. Commercial flights, lasting six hours in total, will begin in 2024. Passengers will enjoy a 360-degree view of the Earth while inside a capsule that also provides a bathroom and bar. “At a slow speed of 19 kilometers pulled by a space balloon the size of a football stadium, Spaceship Neptune will rise above 99 percent of Earth’s atmosphere,” said Jane Poynter, Founder and CEO of Space Perspective. Poynter made the assessment that the passengers, whom he described as “our explorers”, “will have the special experience of astronauts seeing the Earth in the darkness of space”.



Space Perspective was founded in 2020 by Poynter and Taber McCallum, co-founders of World View, a firm that places sensors in the stratosphere attached to balloons to capture images of space. By contrast, Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin was founded in 2000 and its first commercial flight is scheduled for next month. According to Bloomberg, those wondering how to make a trip to the stratosphere with Space Perspective’s “Neptune One” capsule will be able to arrive at the launch site a few days in advance. On the other hand, the company announced that passengers will be served breakfast throughout the flight and they can order drinks from the bar. It was stated that there will also be WI-FI in the capsule so that the guests can share their experiences simultaneously. “For the first time, Space Perspective combines space exploration with luxury travel to deliver a seamless and comfortable experience. Space Explorers will capture and live share mind-blowing and unprecedented moments with people on the ground during the 6-hour journey to Earth,” said Poynter. When it’s time to land, the giant balloon will begin to deflate and the capsule will eventually splash into a large body of water.

As always, plastics come to our rescue in this journey, as in every field. The space balloons in question are of course polyethylene and were developed for space conditions. In space, many materials are produced by plastic engineers from light materials that will withstand difficult conditions.


If the trips to space have started, it means it’s time to pack the suitcase.


The far away has always called us with its mystery.